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Norway to Allow Trans Kids Over Seven To Change Legal Gender

Children as young as seven years old will be able to change their legal gender with parental consent under new legislation proposed by the Norwegian government.

If passed, the bill would make Norway the most progressive country in the world in respect to transgender rights. Gender identity alone would merit legality in and of itself, eliminating Norway’s existing requirements for preemptive genital surgery and sterilization.

While transgender children will be able to make the gender change for legal purposes, custodial permission will be required to attain legal status up until the age of 16, at which time parental consent will no longer hold legal currency. Transgender people will not be permitted to undergo sex change operations before turning 18.

Norway’s existing policy regarding transgender people has gone untouched for six decades. Landmark at its conception, Norwegian policy currently allows transgenders to change their legal gender, provided they undergo psychiatric evaluation, surgical sex change, and sterilization.

Now, it appears those hoops will become a thing of the past in Norway.

“This is an important area where Norway has lagged far behind many other countries for many years,” Health Minister Bent Høie said while announcing the proposed bill at Oslo Europride in June.

“Now, we can be proud that we are implementing this law.”
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