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Michael Jackson Will Always Be the King Of Pop

Today has been a sad day for the millions of people across the globe that grew up listening to Michael Jackson's music, following his dance steps and watching the spectacle that was his life. He was one of the first true global icons, and unfortunately his life was cut tragically short at just 50 years of age, after a cardiac arrest, following an alleged dose of the presecription medications supplied by his physician.

Michael was intensly rehersing for his upcoming run of 50 record breaking show at London's 02 arena in Los Angeles, when he collapsed at his LA home.

Without repeating the intense news stories and headlines that have bombarded news outlets and online, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Jackson for being an icon and inspiration millions. Unfortunately due to later legal and finacial woes, there will always have to be a "but" to these types of articles, but personally, i just want to make this a positive story on the massive impact Michael had for poor people, charities, not to mention his record breaking musical acheivments... everyone has their favourite Michael Jackson memory or moment, even if you didnt classify yourself as a "fan" - everyone knew of Michael Jackson, (we would love to hear them in the comments section) and now the world know what it is like to loose a 21st Century Icon. 

Michael luckily had the opportunity of selling out his comeback shows prior to his death - he may not have gotten to perform the series of shows, but now his fans gave him the greatest validation by selling out 50 shows in a matter of hours... the fact is that he is always going to be the KING of pop.

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