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Sydney's Iconic House Of Priscilla celebrates 18 years of trading

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It took one amazing queen with a sewing machine and a dream to come up with one of the world's leading LGBTQI businesses. Chelsea Bunn took to Oxford Street, Sydney's "Golden Gay Mile" over 18 years ago and not only serviced (!) all of the queens in town but made costumes for dance schools, eisteddfods and more.

You can see House of Priscilla on TV with stars like Kathy Griffin, Cyndi Lauper, and a long list of A-List celebs and more mincing through the door and up that staircase to a Willy Wonka style shop of imagination and glitter.

Headwear, corsets, makeup, eyelashes and a staff you could just lick like a lolly pop, it's a show queen's dream come to life.

Big props to Chelsea and all that have supported her - if you ever find yourself in Sydney, the House of Priscilla is the first stop you want to make. Buy a little or a lot... you will find everything you need there to make your life FANTABULOUS!

Congrats CB!!! you and your team are fabulous.



All time classic Gay Halloween Costumes

Well it is that time of the year in the United States, and Australia seems to be catching on quickly with a swath of parties across the country this weekend, but wether your trick or treating in NYC, heading to the massive Santa Monica Blvd/West Hollywood Street Carnival or getting whorey in Sydney at Halloween Whores, we decided it was time to go through a list of our top 10 gayest Halloween costumes of all time.

10. A Bear
A leash, a hairy guy, not much of a costume, but a parody on a part of our community. There are some full suit costumes out there, most most bears wont need the fake fur.

9. Vampire
Well apart from the line "I want to suck your…" you can't got past the obvious Buffy references and the cool yet cost effective glow in the dark fangs from the $2 store.

8. Madonna
This lady is not just for the drag queens. A bevvie of different look Madonnas rear their heads every Halloween. Vogue Madonna, Hard Candy Madonna - its all good!

7. Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon (AbFab)
Total classic costume idea - and one that can look absolutely fabulous or downright scary… Beehive hairdo, red wig, ciggies, and click click flash flash sweetie! Your fun and totally gay Halloween costume idea.

6. Fireman
Ok, really do i need to explain this one? Porn Porn Porn.

5. Zoro
For the thinner mincier queen - Zoro can make any swisher into a superhero.

4. Wonder Woman
Golden Lasso, invisible plane, you can have it all, and wear a corset to hide your love handles! Great for the ladies who want to portray a strong Amazonian woman, or for the boys who want to live out a childhood fantasy. Spin girl spin!

3. Starsky and Hutch
A cute cop pairing, makes for an easy couples costume idea. Even better it was parodied on Will & Grace!

2. Village People
A good group costume, and event good if you loose your mates and go solo - just be careful you don't get mistaken for the real Village People as they may ship you off to the Rooty Hill RSL for a gig.

1. Cher
A line of gaffa tape and a big black wig… she is the classic and always will be.


Happy Halloween!

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