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Marriage Equality comes to the entire United States of America

SOCTUS just announced in a 5-4 verdict that is it unconstitutional for any state to ban same sex marriage, making Marriage Equality legal across all states and territories of the United States of America.

Celebrations are ongoing not only in front of the Courthouse, but across America. 

It was the first opinion read on a day added to the courts schedule.

It also happens to be the anniversary of the historic USA vs Windsor case.

Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton has said "Love Won"

President Obama said "Love just won."

New York Council speaker, Mark Viverito said to in a statement "This is an intensely meaningful, historic and affirming day in our nation's history.

Today, the Supreme Court continued our country's march toward a more perfect union and once again proved we are a nation always striving toward fairness, decency and justice. From this moment on and for generations to come, marriage equality is a civil and human right for LGBTQ couples and no one – no matter where you live in this country or who you love – will be denied that right. 

This decision is a cause for celebration, but it also a cause for reflection. This has been an extended struggle going back decades. For a long and unfortunate time, millions of LGBTQ couples were denied the right to marry. In countless election cycles they were demonized, degraded and used as political pawns in electoral games. But through it all, activists and allies persevered knowing that the cause of marriage equality is not only a moral and human right – it is also a constitutional right.

As we celebrate this momentous decision, we must remind ourselves that the struggle for LGBTQ justice is not over. There are too many LGBTQ people suffering from unjust and pervasive discrimination all over the world and we will not rest until those injustices are made right.  New York has been proud to lead the fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. From Stonewall to the Marriage Equality Act of 2011, New York has been helped lead the way. We will continue to fight to ensure our LGBTQ community has the same rights as everyone. This means we must pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act in New York State and a comprehensive LGBTQ civil rights law in Washington - because discrimination and bigotry are never the answer.  

This outcome is what happens when people persevere and fight injustices. Obergefell v. Hodges now takes its place in the history books. It's time to rejoice and I thank the dedicated, organizers, lawyers, community leaders and millions of people from every, state and territory all over the country who made this day possible." 

A massive congratulations to all Americans on this historic day, and enjoy what is the greatest start to many Pride celebrations across the country this weekend - including a sell out NYC PRIDE.

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