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Meet a Mardi Gras Participant: Chris Fuller – Marching in the Parade

Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of one of the world's greatest GLBT pride festivals? Join as we meet some of the people who will be participating in this year's Mardi Gras Parade -  the brightest Kaleidoscope in the gay universe!





Chris, tell us about yourself...

I am 27 years old. I have been working in Finance from the age of 19. I am of German / Kiwi descent. Does that make me an angry drunk?


I moved to Australia permanently when I was 17. I remember sitting down at a club, the 3am shut down call was just announced and I thought to myself "You know what Chris, you're about to turn 18. You will no longer need a fake ID and you can stay out longer now. Let's move to Melbourne where you can go out and chase the sun". So I did. I packed my bags and moved to Melbourne within a month. (Needless to say, my 18th was huge).


I currently live in Sydney with my partner, Daniel. We have a cat named Ceefer. She is the queen bee apparently. If I am late to feed her, she lets me know!


This coming year is going to be a huge year for me, as I am going to be traveling around Europe for their winter and the US next year.


What float will you be on and what are you going to be doing?

I am on the Pride in Diversity float. I am representing the corporate 9-5ers. We are a float of big corporations across Australia. My role is to make sure I do not fall over!


What is Pride in Diversity's theme?

The theme is corporate diversity. A lot of LGBTi employees do not feel comfortable in the workplace, and we are here to prove that you can be. We will be wearing black bottoms and white tops with blue ties. Look out for the black brief cases with lights on them!


What inspired you to enter the Parade?

I am the person who started the LGBTi Network Group at The Westpac Group. As an LGBTi advocate, I felt that marching this year is a must-do! And it crosses that off my 'To Do' list!


Well, I'll be kind of marching, I have two left feet. I am really looking forward to the parade.


I have been diagnosed with an incurable heart disease, so I am now living my life to the fullest, not allowing small things to get to me and loving as hard as I can. I want to leave my mark on this world, and I want to enrich others to do the same.


Is your family joining you?

My partner has been invited along as an honorary member and dance captain to assist us office workers with the moves. My family will watch SBS2 to see me.


This year's Mardi Gras theme is "Kaleidoscope" - what does "Kaleidoscope" mean for you?

Kaleidoscope is a fantastic theme for MG14. It is such a view on life. When you are looking at everything around you, at first, it all seems like a blur. Different cultures, different colours, different families, different sexualities, different people. When looked at individually, it does not make a lot of sense. However when you look at the whole pattern of our diverse culture, it shows a true beauty. All you need to do it appreciate the pieces to the puzzle and allow the picture to form.


Give me the gossip on your past "unforgettable" Mardi Gras movements...

In all honesty, my last Mardi Gras was a complete "I wish I could forget" moment. I had just turned 18 and I was in the VIP area with free drinks. Standing around, in the sun, with free beer was not a good idea for younger me. I was home and passed out by 10! The photos I took just got worse and worse!


What are you doing to get your body parade-ready?

Hahaha. I think I should just give up on working on my body for MG and just join the bear parade! Lol. I have been playing a lot of tennis lately and also gym and learning the steps to our routine.


Where else will we find you during the Mardi Gras Festival?

I have already been to Fair Day. That was a lot of fun. As I'm originally from Melbourne, I found Sydney's Fair Day to be a lot like Midsumma, but on crack! is going to catch up with you during the Parade...

Watch out for me in the Parade, I will be the uncoordinated guy (really narrows that down, eh?)



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