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Adam Lambert tries to score Gold In Sydney

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Adam Lambert took his Glam Nation tour to Sydney tonight, and as usual the controversy wasn't far behind -- well its not really controversy, rather a dash of bad luck.

The singer - whilst revving up the crowd to mammoth proportions, was ferociously scouting the audience for a person to "rock pash" as he regularly does as part of his show…

Little did he know (or did he) that the bloke he picked, was none other than openly gay Olympian Matthew Mitcham!

Unfortunately for Adam, Matty has a partner of four years, and whilst OBVIOUSLY a fan (his hands were fist pumping higher than the 10 meter platform) the sporting hero was not forthcoming with the lip lock.

Adam was honorably gracious in defeat - claiming RESPECT for the decline and moved on to the delight of another male admirer in the sell out crowd.

Post Show, Matthew tweeted to Adam "Sorry @adamlambert, I have a boyfriend... Didn't mean to be rude ;P"

he also commented that "Adam's concert is about love & havin that special sum1 to share it with. Which I have."

Many twitter fans were devastated that Matty didn't snog the Glambert - but you have to admire his conviction. A lot of boys would have been throwing their partners on stage for a lip lock moment with our favourite singer!

How cool.

Adam's shows run throughout the rest of Australia. You can check out the galleries on the site now.

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