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Meet a Mardi Gras Participant: Brendan Arnold – Dancing in the Parade

Ever wondered what it's like to be party of one of the world's greatest GLBTI pride festivals? Join as we meet some of the people who make the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade the brightest Kaleidoscope in the gay universe.

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Brendan Arnold – Dancing in the Parade


I know you from the dance floor at some of Sydney's hottest parties, but there is a lot more to you than great moves.
I'm a genius hairdresser in the Sydney CBD. I am in my 20's and live in Surry Hills with my partner Damien. I am addicted to watching 'Buffy' reruns and making Mexican food and cocktails for friends at home. I love the ocean and the snow.


Your love of snow, now, that makes me think about what you're up to for Mardi Gras
I'm part of the Glamazon ALL STARS. Our theme is 'To Russia With Love', because we want to send a message of support and love to the GLBTIQ community in Russia. We are using Melissa Etheridge's 'Uprising Of Love' as one of our songs, and she has tweeted us her support.


melisssa-tweetIt's not your first year with the Glamazon ALL STARS, is it?
No, my first time was in 2012. It was one of the most amazing times of my life and I am so proud to be a Glamazon! Dressing up as male "Wonder Woman" and expressing infinite love was incredible.

This year I'm a dance coach / dancer in the routine.


It takes dedication to be part of the Parade. What motivates you?
I love to perform and I love that people just let their hair down and have fun. I really love the message of Mardi Gras as well, after all it was originally a protest for our rights.


You are full of passion. Is anyone sharing your passion on the night?
My Glamazon friends from the last two years will be joining me. My amazing partner Damien will also be joining me for the first time. My parents will be cheering me on from the TV at their home.


The first night we met, you were in some very bright tight pants. Have you been working to keep those buns in tip top condition?
I'm exercising lots - weights and cardio, eating very clean and drinking lots of water. I've also banned wine! (Seriously, no wine? My routine involves increasing wine intake!)


What does the Mardi Gras theme of "Kaleidoscope" mean for you?
The theme "Kaleidoscope" to me means all the different types and sides to the gay community. We are made up of all different types of people and Mardi Gras allows us to all come together.


Where else are we going to catch up over the Mardi Gras Festival?
I went to Fair Day and offered you some of my yummy guacamole... but we never found each other in the crowd. I will be attending the official party after the Parade. I'm sure I'll end up at a few other events along the way.


See you at the Parade.


You can join the official Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras group for all the latest info, competitions and more!


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