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Meet a Mardi Gras Participant: Brodie Lane - Marching For Equality

Happy Mardi Gras Brodie and also Happy Birthday!

Yes, it's my 48th birthday this week.

You are a long time Darlinghurst dweller – the epicentre of Sydney's gay community
I moved here from Adelaide in 1987 and have been at just about every Mardi Gras Parade and Party since. I manage a Drama School in Darlinghurst and am currently single.

You're also in the Parade this year
I'm marching in the 'Alex and Clover, More to come...' entry as a volunteer and supporter of the great work they both do and will do in the future.
I've previously marched in a Qantas entry (we won best float that year) and also with PFLAG.

Alex Greenwich is the Sydney Independent Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and Clover Moore is Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney - so you are going to be mixing it with some of our greatest political supporters
I marched with Clover and Alex last year for the first time despite being a long-term supporter and loved it.
The amount of attention and support Clover and Alex both receive from the crown is exhilarating! We will be joined by other volunteers and supporters, some for the first time.

I loved Alex's sexy blue sequined jacket last year... What can we look forward to from Alex and Clover this year?
In keeping with the Mardi Gras theme this year of 'Kaleidoscope', the entry will be full of colour and political messages. We'll be marching to some favourite tracks from the 70's and 80's.

What does this year's theme of "Kaleidoscope" mean for you?
The LGBTI community is a broad church and consists of many different hues, shades and colours. The theme reflects that.

Why is Mardi Gras still relevant? What are we fighting for?
Sydney's LGBTI community has achieved a lot in a short period of time from decriminalisation, to same-sex adoption, and now the campaign for marriage equality and greater anti-discrimination provision. Our message is that we should celebrate our achievements, and focus on the work ahead.

I am sure you have a huge collection of Mardi Gras memories – any that stand out?
Fred Nile's head on a platter. I can't believe that he is still out there spewing bile and hatred for our community.

What have you been doing this festival?
This year I'm keeping a fairly low profile but I did volunteer for Alex Greenwich's Fair Day stall.

We can't deny that we all like to look good for Mardi Gras. Have you had much birthday cake?
Oh no! Although I have been avoiding the gym as much as possible, I've been starving myself this week!

See you at the Parade and on the dance floor of the RHI at The Party.

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