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Cool things to warm you up in NYC

It may be cold outside at this time of year, but that's no excuse not to don the gay-apparel and get out amongst it.

New York City is buzzing throughout January and February with lots of exciting things to do. Not only for visitors, but for you locals who might need reminding that there is a big thriving metropolis just past your stoop. (Even the gym is still there!) has collated some of these marvellous or freakily different things to try, when baby, it's cold outside.

POP out for some FUN at a concert

Fun @ Radio City

Lady Gaga @ MSG

That's right - the band. the pop romp trio are headlining at Radio City Music Hall on Feb second and they will definitely warm you up! Try and grab tickets quick though as the "We Are Young" singers are sure to sell out.

OR maybe a bit of Lady Gaga?
The fashionista of the pop world is playing her Born This Way Ball during Feb in NYC and March in Brooklyn. Alas there are still plenty of fix available - some for even the price of a starbucks (if you hunt around online) oops - but we saw her in Australia and she's REALLY worth seeing.

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OK - you know we are fans of this joint already - and if you didn't, then check out some of our other raves about LA FLACA NYC. Its a cute, warm little "new mexican" joint who are massive supporters of the LGBTIQ Community. But that aside, the food is INCRED, and they have one of the best small bars in town… tie that in with awesome people and a total night out for food, drink and maybe even some entertainment - or to watch the game or some major tv event and your not going to break the bank either.

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Yeah what could be more NYC than combining two of our favourite things - Burgers and Cupcakes! So its not as gross as it sounds - but rather a cupcake in the shape of the burger, with icing salad, tomato and pickles, that believe it or not is one of the tastiest cupcakes around. Whilst your at this Rockerfeller restaurant, try the sliders, and of course the onion rings. mmmm, gives you a real reason to head to the gym but whilst your burning it off, all those memories of yumminess is worth while.

Check out Bills Bar and Burgers on our city guides



Wanda Sykes is playing - thats all we need to say really. She is performing as part of a charity gig for the children's organization Garden of Dreams.

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SCORE A CLUBBING FREEBIE* (yeah theres a catch)

So, if your lucky enough to be under 28, you can score free entry to XL Nightclub on Saturdays.

The club is well worth a look - you should try and see if you can find pics of our Lisa participating in a competition to do a Liza impersonation on stage (It's hailarious!) We can't show them otherwise she will kill us (but yes, they are out there in the universe!)

For the under 28's you gotta pre-register for the freebie, otherwise without it, and for us "oldies", its $15 before midnight and $20 after. (Still a great deal!)

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Put on your dancing shoes and head to the one and only Griffin Sundays - two of our favourite people, Shawn and Brian are your hosts as some of NYC's sexiest people shake their groove thing to leading International DJ's (like the lovely Corey Craig) and entertainment that will surprise you every time.

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Its not winter in NYC without a trip or twenty to the rinks. Try out either Rockerfeller Centre so you can show off your best Liz Lemon Christmas jumper, or don a bad hair piece and try Donald Trumps Wollman rink in Central Park. (He even has another one called the Trump Lasker Rink) that dude likes his thin ice!
You can also grab your skates and head to Citi Pond in Bryant Park. or head to the Chelsea Piers, or Prospect Park - the options ARE endless.
Better be quick - or should we say, get your skates on as the ice won't stick around for long.


Its world famous, its brassy, its where Broadway celebrates and eats. Its a real tourist trap - but you know what - its brilliant. The food at Sardi's was just delectable, we tried the pasta, and also the antipasto plate - omg, talk about mouthwatering.
Sure, the table next to you will be pretending to be Liza or even Kermit The Frog - but let yourself go into the world of the charactatures that adorn the walls and enjoy the food - it REALLY IS a must do. IF you live in NYC and havnt done it cos of the tourist factor - get over yourself and give it a shot!

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Its not NYC without at least one visit to the theatre, and we highly recommend the very lovely America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) in Bethany at New York City Center Stage II. Its the first production for Women's Project theater at their new home too!

New York City Center Stage II | Previews start January 11 | opens January 20.


Get Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Cough up some spare change, or more - by donating some green to the Ali Forney Center. They have been providing massive support to LGBTIQ Youth over the years and were devastated during Hurricane Sandy. They need all the help they can get right about now - donating to them will make you the warmest of all NYC things to do!




We hope you enjoy NYC - and if your an event promoter or business, why not grab yourself a listing?



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