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Greens To Introduce Marriage Bill

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South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young introduced a private member’s bill in Federal Parliament on June 24 which would grant same-sex couples equal marriage rights in Australia.

Hanson-Young also produced a 30,000-strong signature petition in support of legalising same-sex marriage.

“The Greens’ Marriage Equality Amendment Bill can bring Australia into the league of other forward-thinking nations who recognise that all couples should enjoy the right to marry,” Hanson-Young said in a statement to media.

Hanson-Young pointed to the latest Galaxy Poll showing 60 per cent of Australians favour gay marriage, and called the Rudd government’s stance - that the majority of Australians believe marriage should be confined to heterosexuals - “a lame excuse”. She said that equal marriage rights were “a glaring omission” from last year’s same-sex law reforms.

Several community groups including CAAH are holding Same-Sex Marriage rallies across Australia in August. For more information on these events, stay tuned to

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