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Frequency Celebrates Its First Birthday


It's one of Sydney's party treasures: a brand that has taken it all back to what counts - great people, amazing DJs and stunning locations.

The Frequency brand has put on some of the funkiest, freshest parties on the Sydney scene, and they are about to get even more fabulous with a stellar line up for their first birthday harbour cruise and after party club events on Saturday 10th November - headlined by Kitty Glitter - named Sydney's Favourite DJ at the recent DIVA Awards. caught up with joint promoters, Anna and Brad to see what all the buzz is about!


altFrequency is celebrating its first birthday with the upcoming cruise and party. How did you guys come together initially over 12 months ago?

Anna and I came together through friends on a harbour cruise just like Frequency. We found out that we knew a lot of the same people, got along like a house on fire and had an awesome day partying on the harbour. We both thought that these cruises were too few and far between and so with 10 months of deliberation Frequency was born.

So what does "Frequency" actually mean as a party brand?

Frequency is the number of cycles per second electricity travels at, which is measured in Hertz. It's also a term commonly used when referring to music and sound. We're all about the music bringing friends together, so this was the perfect name and symbol for our parties!


altIs there a signature sound or key musical style to expect at the Frequency events?

Frequency has a range of music genres ranging from Dance, House, Funky House, Electro, ranging into a bit of High Energy and I am sure that the music we play at our events will forever evolve according to our guest DJ's and party-goers interests.


What types of crowds do you get at your parties?

The Frequency crowd so far has been a mainly straight dance party crowd with a slight gay contingency, and while the parties have been fantastic we are aiming our parties further towards the gay community hoping to get that so-called perfect balance. Anna and myself have been partying in and around Oxford Street for the past 10 years and we have both found that we have LOVED the scene and people we have met along the way. This is the crowd that we are looking for at our parties. The fun crowd of both straight and gay!


What can people expect from the 1st Birthday celebrations?

Guests at our 1st Birthday celebrations can first and foremost expect a fun and friendly vibe with great people. The music is a top priority and of the highest standard with a vast array of the best DJ's Sydney has to offer. You can expect to be blown away with what you're about to experience - starting on the picturesque Sydney Harbour, you couldn't ask for a better backdrop for a dance party. The After Party will continue right where the Cruise left off, so those who can't make the Cruise will definately not be disappointed. I am sure after all the partying is said and done, people will be wanting more and talking about Frequency with their new found friends and old partying buddies until the next.


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to hear DJ's like Kitty Glitter, Jimmy Dee, DJ Israel and more - check out for more info and tickets.

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