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Lee Dagger of Bimbo Jones

avatars-000003777468-zet3m1-cropHe is one of the world's most successful DJ/Producers and has played at the world's biggest LGBTIQ and Straight parties across the globe. His superstar remixes of some of the worlds top pop and dance acts also has his "Bimbo Jones" partnership and "Miami Calling" racing up the charts with hit after hit getting people onto dancefloors and grooving along on their ipods. caught up with Lee over Christmas to have an EXCLUSIVE chat about some of his career highlights and bits you may not have known about this incredibly talented bloke in the lead up to his next Sydney appearance at Daywash's KIKI Pool Party on January 2nd.

We hear you once djed for Pink at her album launch. Tell us more?
What an honour to be asked to DJ for Pink at her European album launch. It was held at the Sanderson hotel in London. She was carried in by 6 hells angels. After my set I got myself past all of her security to say good bye. She was very sweet and friendly. I thanked her for having me DJ, gave her a CD and got a kiss on the cheek! Who would of known that within a year or 2 I would be remixing six of her tracks with studio partner Marc.

What was it like meeting Cyndi Lauper for the first time? And tell us about the tour bus!

It all began in Miami at WMC about 5 years ago. The famous singer from the Love Boat ‘Charo’ wanted to meet me. Her friend Carlos then told me that a certain somebody he knew wanted to work with me? I replied “Who”? and he said Cyndi Lauper!!! I almost fell over in disbelief & shock. Within 2 years we were working over the internet with her liasing with her lovely manager Lisa. Then finally whist in LA I was personally invited to come and meet Cyndi face to face at a famous hotel in Beverley Hills. I was told to park my car in the valet parking at head up in the lift to her suite.  A little nervous yet extremely excited I approached the door and rang the bell. Cyndi opened the door, her hair up, wearing glasses and said in her New york tone “Lee- is that you”? (We had spoken on the phone many times but had at this point never met). She invited me into her hotel suite and within 15 minutes it was as if we had known each other for years. We got on so well. Talking life, family, dreams and of course music. She very kindly played me some of her new music and we talked about writing together in London which did the following year! The next day I was invited to her show in LA. After the gig it was back to her hotel for drinks with the band. She also invited me onto her tour bus. It was epic! What a cool tour bus-  It was awesome!

You once turned down a gig for Annie Lennox. Is this true?

Yes sadly it is true. We originally remixed Annie Lennox back in 2002/3. A track called a thousand beautiful things. I’d always been a massive fan of her work so when the call came in asking if I would dj for her I jumped with excitement and said of course I would love too. I then checked the date but sadly it was my birthday and I had a party pre booked and had invited some very special guests who had travelled from all over the world to be there with me so unfortunately I had to turn the gig down! I was gutted but I know how important it is to take care of your friends in this world.

Is it true that you are an artist who likes to draw and paint pictures?

Yes its true. I love art. It was always my favourite subject at school. I love to draw, paint and design. I once had an exhibition of my work in London in Soho square. When ever I travel around the globe I like to take artistic photos of what I see and then covert them into painting once home. In the 90’s I quit my 9-5 and moved to San Francisco to stay with Irish cousins of mine. I had the best time! I recently used one of my paintings for the cd cover of a single of mine called ‘Capture your love’ with Laura Larue from San Francisco. Tiesto supported the track in his podcasts.

You once sang at Glastonbury – the UK's largest festival. What was it like?

It all began in Prague. I was on my way with 2 DJ friends travelling 3 hours in winter across the Czech republic to a gig. Whilst in the car I played a few track ideas to my friends. I then sang them a top line idea I had written. They’re response was mesmerizing! So much so that when I was at the end of my dj set they handed me a mic to get me to sing the idea live in the club! It was a little daunting but I thought why not. The crowd went crazy. I shall never forget it. I was a little nervous but it sure felt fun and good. I then decided to try it in Paris at an outdoor festival for Radio FG before finally doing it one more time live during my live set at the world famous Glastonbury festival in the UK. I have never had any training but as I write songs myself I feel I should at least know how to sing even if I really cant! Haha.

Who else have you written with?

I have been very blessed to of met and written with some amazing people over the past few years. Such as Crystal Waters meeting me in New york to write together, being invited to stay at Kristine W’s ranch in Vegas to write with her, meeting KC & the sunshine band at Harry (KC’s) house in Miami. Writing with Leo Sayer in Sydney, writing with Beverley Knight in London. Every one is an individual story. In 2009 4 days after Michael Jackson sadly past away the latin legend Sergio Mendes flew us both to LA to write with him on his album BON TEMPO (which won a latin grammy in 2010). We worked in Jermaine Jackson’s old studio. Sergio was a real gentleman. He took out to the best restaurants in Beverley Hills, invited us to his house to hang out in the pool, and even invited us to a VIP evening to watch his show at the Hollywood bowl! So many stories! maybe one day I should write a book! Haha !!!

Where else have you Djed in the world?

I have been very blessed to of djed in some exciting locations all around the world. Such as Ibiza, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Czech republic, Finland, Holland, Ireland, Corsica, Cyprus, Majorca, Malta, Monte Carlo, Canada, Poland, Morocco, Switzerland, Hong Kong, USA, Russia and at minus 28 degrees in Siberia! And more…

We hear you are a keen surfer and collect classic VW camper van's. Tell us more…

I have always been into surfing. I love the water. People think I am crazy heading to the north Devon coast during our coldest winters. But that’s when you get the biggest waves! I also collect classic VW camper vans (combis) and I also love classic cars.

Tell us about the gift you once sent to Kylie in Prague!

A dear friend of mine from Czech republic contacted me to say he would be interviewing Kylie the following month and did I have any questions for her? He knew that we had previously remixed 2 of her tracks. I decided post Kylie a baby blue Bimbo jones t shirt along with a couple of my mixed cds with a note thanking her for all her music and for having us remix her in the past. During the interview Jerry presented the gift that I had posted to him. The next day I received a lovely email from one of the heads at EMI London to say how thankful and happy Kylie was to receive my gifts. And as a thank you she invited me to her London Aphrodite tour and wrote that she was looking forward to meeting me! AND as a little thank you she then asked if we would like to remix a new track of hers called ‘put your hands up’! (thank you Kylie) xx
This new years eve Lee shall be performing in Perth for the first time. Then on the 2nd January 2014 I will be djing at Daywash's KIKI @ the Ivy pool.

The long awaited 2nd Bimbo jones album called “Go Naked” will be out early next year, as will Lee Dagger’s debut album.

You can join Lee's OFFICIAL group on to get all the latest from the man himself, here.
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