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Natalia Kills 'Flabbergasted' By Response to New CD

By Pollo Del Mar

“Can you repeat that?” asks Natalia Kills about a dozen times during our telephone interview. “It’s very loud here!”

Indeed, the connection is rather shoddy – and the group with the rising pop star at a Southern California Six Flag theme park quite rowdy – but we’re making the most of it. “You guys, keep it down!” Kills hisses again, “I’m trying to do an interview.”

What Natalia isn’t stating, though, is one of the people she’s “shushing” just happens to be Katy Perry. The night before, she opened for the international superstar, and now they are presumably celebrating both the young Brit’s Aug. 15 birthday – happy 25th, Lady! – and U.S. release of her debut album Perfectionist the next day.

Fans throughout Europe are quite familiar with Kills, whose album released in Germany six months earlier and spawned several hits. In Australia, her contribution to LMFAO’s “Champagne Showers” landed in the ARIA Top 10. Remixes of the track are already headed up U.S. Billboard Dance/Club charts.

Now with a full-length album available, select dates opening for Perry under her belt and a Sept. tour through Germany, Switzerland and Belgium in the works, Kills is poised for stardom in her own right. Here she shares about the experience with celebrity correspondent Pollo Del Mar.


Last night, you opened the Katy Perry show. Tell me about that.

She’s right here, actually. We’re at a Six Flag theme park, riding roller coasters together today. It’s a lot of fun.


What has it been like touring with Katy Perry?

It’s been great! I’m actually a really huge fan. I don’t think there’s a single song she’s made that I haven’t enjoyed. I’ve actually bought all her albums. I really love her. To me, she’s definitely an icon of our generation. She’s playful and feminine, and that’s what makes her powerful. She has that kind of “Don’t try to hard” “I don’t need to give a fuck” attitude but “I’m happy to be here” feeling. That’s really unusual. She’s definitely rare. It’s great to bond with her fans, because there are a lot of young girls and guys, people looking for that powerful female, but not “female empowerment.” I think that’s brilliant. I definitely connect with her audience. I’ve gotten such a warm welcome. It’s really nice to be here. I’m excited to be part of the tour.


Many of your performances with Katy have been American audiences’ first introduction to your new CD Perfectionist.

Yeah, that’s true! It’s brilliant! I’m going to be honest with you, if that’s alright. I really didn’t think I’d get such a great reaction. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t have an expectation. When I write my music, I’m literally writing it for myself. I always say, “Making music is cheaper than therapy.” Whenever I have an idea or go back into my memories or a painful experience, even a moment of happiness or joy and want to write about it, I’m really just writing to express it, to get it out so I can move on. But to be able to perform for audiences like I’ve opened for Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, the Black-Eyed Peas stadium tour, this Katy Perry arena tour, Robyn – you know, the amazing Swedish singer – she’s friggin’ incredible. I honestly feel quite overwhelmed that people know my lyrics and are singing along to an album that just released! They’ve only had previews until now. I’m flabbergasted, if I can say that. If there’s ever been a time to say “flabbergasted,” it would be right now, so I am officially flabbergasted.


“Champagne Showers” with LMFAO has been tremendously successful internationally – and is breaking out in clubs in the U.S. too.  What’s that been like?

It’s brilliant. I live in America now, and I made my album here, so it’s been really nice that it’s been well-received here. It’s here and in Germany where I’ve gotten my biggest response so far. It’s so nice, because it’s something I’ve always wanted and always been interested in.  It’s nice to know that it’s happening. People are enjoying it. It’s something I couldn’t have planned, but I couldn’t be happier.


Are there plans to release “Champagne Showers” here in the U.S.?

To be honest, I can’t say. I don’t have a collaboration with LMFAO on my album. We’re really close, though. They’re great. They make all their own beats. They write all their own songs, just the two of them. They also live their lives just how they are on the music. They party really hard, and everything they talk about is what they’re up to, which is kind of funny to me.


My favorite track off of Perfectionist is “Love Is a Suicide.”

Really?!? That’s so funny! Thank you so much. That’s so nice of you. That track, in particular, was written about my exboyfriend. I made it with Fernando Garibay (Grammy-nominated musical director for Lady Gaga) quite a long time ago, about a year ago – maybe a year-and-a-half. I really, really wanted to write a song about how “love” is just so contrary! It’s supposed to be lovely – which is why it’s called “love” – but sometimes it actually feels violent. It feels horrible! It feels literally like somebody’s cutting into you with a knife, it’s so horrible at times. When I first started writing it, my concept was “Love Is a Homicide,” because sometimes someone is killing you. Then I came to this little realization that it’s not. You are the one who gives your heart to someone, who gives your trust and puts them on this un-fuck-with-able pedestal, like they’re some angel from heaven and will never hurt you. You’re the one who does that, knowing they can break your heart and destroy you and leave you feeling like “Love Is a Suicide.” You’ve committed that to them and allowed it.


Since you wrote most of the tracks yourself, is there a set of lyrics on Perfectionist which speak to you more than others?

Yeah, actually… (Laughing.) There’s not one, because literally, I am the lyricist and everything I write is what I think. I just transcribe it into these songs. But I have to go to my song “Kill My Boyfriend.” I feel like that whole song entirely embodies who I am. I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but it’s completely playful. It’s a bit ridiculous, but dramatic and over-the-top, but it’s something me and every other young girl – and guy – really, really would say and think. I really think that mixture between the violence, the love and the playfulness of that song – I could pull out any lyric from it – but I think that’s a true representation of who I am. We take love so seriously! We take ourselves so seriously, and it’s just ridiculous! (Laughing.) I wanted to play around with that idea. That’s why all the lyrics from that I have a very proud connection to.


People probably know your Top 5 Billboard Dance hit “Mirrors” best. Since breaking out in clubs, have you noticed your gay fans?

Yeah, I love all my fans. They’re fantastic. I feel like I connect with all my fans because either they connect with my lyrics being positively psychotic, vain and a little bit crazy, and they’re not afraid to admit it, or they’re just really, really sensitive. They can relate to the emotion and freedom of expression, saying things you wouldn’t normally say out loud, or at least not in a pop song, admitting to things you probably wouldn’t usually admit to in public. I feel like that’s why my fans really connect to my music. They have desires and they are brave.


How would you describe your connection to the gay and lesbian community?

I love them – and, as it would seem – I hate to speak on behalf – but I’m feeling a lot of love from them as well. It’s wonderful!


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