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He is one of the world's funniest men, and a massive stand up comedy star that always takes Australia by storm every time he tours. is proud to be presenting his upcoming shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival, and we managed to chat to Craig about his upcoming show's "Why Don't You Come Down The Front".


Your no stranger to Australia - what do you think makes Australia a unique comedy Market?

Your flip flops! They literally make you the most down to earth audience in the world! You couldn't be more grounded than when you're wearing a flip flop. And when you're that down to earth you're a perfect audience!


Being an out gay man - do you find that your humour can sometimes go over the heads of straight audiences?

No, I find them pretty clued up-especially nowadays. It seems like most straight people have a gay friend or know someone who's gay and they're really fond of them and they really get our sense of humour which i think is wonderful. However there are those moments where it flies so high over their head and even a decent pair of heels couldn't catch it!


You have been a massive hit all over the globe, including down in Melbourne - seeing as your about to hit Sydney for the Comedy Festival here, are there any Sydney places you love, or want to visit whilst in town?

Yes everyone keeps on talking about 'New Town ' and I've never found the time to explore it properly so this year I've decided I'm hanging in the New Town. Oh and I think that bar that was in Priscilla has opened again since I was there so I'd love to go there-apparently it's riotous fun!

And it's been a while since I've been to Manly. So I can't help thinking it's time to butch up, pop on a boat and see if it lives up to it's name! And I want to go to Tamarama - anything that close to Bananarama is bound to be fun!


We have seen you as a regular guest when your in Australia on Good News Week, Spicks and Specks and other great shows - are there any other Aussie programs you would love to go on? Even if its just for a laugh?

I would absolutely love to go Kath and Kim-I am quite obsessed with that programme! And to be honest 'Prisoner-Cell Block H was one of my favourite programmes growing up in Scotland bizarrely so if they brought that back I'd like to pop on some denim and play a diesel dyke! Or my favourite-Vinegar Tits!


What can the GLBTIQ community expect from a Craig Hill Show?

To leave knowing that 'gay' not only means homosexual it also means happy-that's my aim.


What made you come up with the title "Why Don't You Come Down The Front"?

Basically it made me laugh. I had that title for 4 years and my agent wouldn't let me use it cos she thought it was too crude but I kept on coming back to it because my friends laughed out loud. It also gives you a flavour of what I do.  It's very apt because people and generally a bit nervous to sit down the front of comedy shows.


You have traveled all over the globe with your shows, what been the gayest place you have ever played?

You really want to know-Sydney. I've tried making other places as gay but it just doesn't work! Nobody celebrates gayness like Sydney. I honestly think Sydney Mardi Gras is so uplifting it should be prescribed on the National Health Service in the UK.  You're just a  fun bunch who know how to enjoy life-what's not to love about that?


In the UK, Civil Marriage is allowed, and equality is better than in Australia - do you have any words of advice to our Prime Minster, so she can change her attitude towards Equal Marriage Rights?

Yes if she allowed gay people to get married we'd invite her to the wedding and let her see how much fun, love and support there is at these ceremonies. I think if she saw how much it meant to the couple and how sincere those ceremonies are, it would change her mind. Also there's the added benefit that we would fix that hair! That's never her natural colour is it?


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