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Daywash 2016 - The Johan Interview

It's one of the only places that Sydney's party crowd can play and dance until they explode into the lens of the snapping paparazzi or film crews on hand from us amazing outlets. We try and grab snippets of fabulousness from the dance crowd who turn up and party at the very rare Daywash events, that have taken the work by storm.

We caught up with Johan Khoury - who is the promoter with the tats and the tits to take on the dance scene... and we asked him the real question is why he is still delivering this amazing platform for the party folk.

This long weekend you are bringing back Daywash, but as a FRAT party... whats the reasoning behind this particular theme?
Daywash has always created the most amazing themes from Teddy Bear Picnics to Olivia Newton John " Lets Get Physical'  parties , we can't get enough of them!!  The Frat theme allows us to delivery all the usual Daywash antics in a sexier more out of control way. The Daywash Frat House will give  you more wall to wall , boy on boy, games in every corner kind of fun, where you'll take the pledge and explore every angle of your naughtiness and sexuality!

You are famed for fun and unique shows and experiences at Daywash - what Frat style antics can punters expect?
This Frat house will leave nothing to the imagination and you can expect to see plenty of Frat house antics. 
Once you take the pledge and enter the Frat house you'll see Jelly Wrestling competitions , naked twister , fire twirling hunks,  the hot jocks swat team, Eric the keg king , you'll get to suck a shot out of a hot boys belly button, chocolate licking competitions ( What your licking is yet to be revealed). There will also be a fraternity brothers fluro body paint show, a hit me baby on more time extravaganza and what kind of Frat party would it be without a sensational Hazing moment...of course we are talking about the smoke machines...sort of!!!!

Music is core to Daywash's success - tell us about the DJ lineup!
This is our biggest DJ line up of Melbourne and Sydney DJ's ever and this time around we have shaken up the rooms to give you a fresh daywash feel. Musically  we are going to give you the best of the 80s, 90s, and the new millennium house, disco, funk, handbag, base, EDM and the whole nine yards in between.

Are there any other secrets you can tell our readers?
Lets just say , at a particular point of the party , the courtyard will be raining something hahaha... Make sure you dont miss it! But we don’t want to give everything away, as usual we want to under promise and over deliver. So you’ll just have to be there not to miss the big spectacular, just wait and see …

What makes you keep on bringing Daywash back to Sydney?

We have always said that we will continue rolling out our amazing daywash events as long as the people keep supporting it. Daywash has always been about the people, the music and the amazing uplifting energy you get from the minute you walk in. We have given 7 years to making this party an institution in the Sydney Gay scene and we hope that we can continue to delivering truly memorable events in the years to come, and we have been blessed to have the support of since its birth seven years ago.

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