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Meet a Mardi Gras Participant: Luke Kelly - Dancing with Sydney Stingers

  • Written by  Lisa McMahon
  • Published in Interview
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Hey Luke! What are the sexy Sydney Stingers up to this year?
Sydney Stingers Water Polo team have been a huge part of the Parade for about 4-5 years now. We're nuts for it!

You are one of the most popular groups in the Parade. Come on... give me a sneak peek of what you'll be doing
The song is a secret... in fact it's all a secret!!

Begging won't work will it? You Stingers are seriously competitive in and out the pool.
We're trying for a 3rd consecutive chorey award so it's all very hush hush. Let me assure you however it will be fabulous. What I can say is it has more colour, more boys/girls, more levels and more detail than any year before!

You're not afraid to show lots of flesh and get the crowd's hearts racing. I've been to a few of your fund raisers - how did I end up nearly naked a quiz night?
Being with the Stingers just makes you want to get all naked.

You have one of the largest entries – surely they are not all water polo players?
We have a core group of club members and the other 2/3rds of the float are our family friends and fans. We're very lucky to have such great support!

Ah, urm... those tiny blue swimmers don't look very supportive but they are very practical
Last year's float was prepared largely in a massive downpour! I couldn't tell what were tears and what was rain! Then the sun came out and I cried again... for joy.

I think its bad luck to talk about rain this close to The Parade, so let's talk about sparkling things.... What does Mardi Gras' theme of "Kaleidoscope" mean for you?
In the past the parade has had political themes which are obviously incredibly important for our LGBTI community. This year Mardi Gras has given us license to cut loose and have fun. That's what Kaleidoscope means to us - inject as much colour and pizazz as you can and just have a ball. Celebrate what it is to be FABULOUS!

So... with less than 48 hours until you dance near naked, in front of hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention a worldwide internet and TV audience... could I temp you with this tub of hot chips?

Yeah! More for me Bitch! See you and your flesh-fest fellow Stingers on Saturday.
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