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Sydney's Getting Extra Dirty

The cooler weather in the southern hemisphere is usually a reason to stay indoors, rug up & chuck on the odd dance CD before having an early night, but really, with the quality of dance music, DJs and clubs available in Sydney - the word is out that an ultra sexy, sweaty and HOT event is making a return to the dancefloors this June.


The Sunday of the long weekend - there is no other place to be than the upper level of the Midnight Shift for EXTRA DIRTY - one of Australia's longest running queer dance party brands. caught up with Mel - aka - DJ FEISTY for this exclusive chat about the upcoming event.


So, Extra Dirty is heading back to the Midnight Shift. What can punters expect this time around?

One of the things I've always known about Extra Dirty is that we can expect to see the same beautiful people each time. Our patrons are very loyal and an extremely friendly and inclusive crew. It's always smiles all round as people come in and catch up with mates - it's very social and welcoming which is why we always have such great nights. It's because of this no-attitude vibe that we also attract new people every party. Oh, and the music is awesome!


You have a stellar line up of local DJs this time around. Was this a conscious choice to showcase Aussie talent?

Yes. While having international DJs is also fun, mostly our crew want to hear their favourite local DJs front and centre. Baby Bear and Juan Velasco are the perfect complement to my style so musically it's simply rock solid. We did this as a special event for Aust Day in January and it was huge. It made me realise how going "back to basics" is so important for the Extra Dirty tribe. It also means we can drop our ticket price to reflect the lower overheads and I think that's a nice thing to do for our patrons.


The party brand has been around for quite a long time - making it one of the most successful in Australia. What made you guys start the party as a brand in the first place?

The late Mandy Rollins and I had been working together for years out of Phoenix and had a packed room every week. That's where that loyalty came from. It was born in that dirty sweatbox Phoenix and grew from there. We were always passionate about bringing a different sound to the gay clubs of Sydney. We loved our tribal and today although the music policy has shifted to a more contemporary tech house and techno sound, the percussive elements are still very strong. We're proudly born and bred in Sydney's gay underground. For us it's always been about the music.


How has the development of dance music over the years impacted your style of party and sound?

It hasn't really. We believe if it ain't broke don't fix it. Having said that I don't think any promoter can afford to be complacent so we try to stay fresh by mixing it up just enough while always keeping our core business - the music - at the highest standard. We can only do that because every DJ who plays for us brings their A Game each and every time.


In a few words, how would you describe Extra Dirty to anyone who hasn't been before?

I'll explain it in words that our patrons use when they tell me why they love Extra Dirty. They can be themselves in an environment that's warm, friendly and also very fuckn sexy. Oh and yeah, the music. They love our sound. Personally I always feel a great energy in the room and that energy inspires me every time I get behind the turntables so I'm busting a gut to get back there again on June 9.



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