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Oxford Hustlers Remix Christina Aguilera

They are a powerhouse DJ/Production duo that hail from Australia's golden gay mile - The Oxford Hustlers have played some of the world's biggest party audiences, but their name is about to go mainstream and global with the pair's official remix for international phenomenom, Christina Aguilera being used for the worldwide release of her smash hit single "Your Body".'s Rob Manser caught up with the boys on their home turf of Sydney's Oxford Street for this exclusive interview.


A big congratulations on getting your remix of christina picked up for international release!

Thanks Rob, still pinching ourselves right now!


How did you manage to score that prime gig?

Brett: Lots of patience and a good remix manager! We've been laying down the foundations I guess for our production technique over the last couple of years, and it was time to take it to the next level. When Daz our manager contacted us and said we got the gig, we were just ecstatic!

Murray: Exactly right. It's a mixture of patience, having faith in our manager, and maintaining a consistent level of production. We'd already done a bunch of remixes for a wide range of artists and for different labels, and it's always a surprise to see what name pops up next. Suffice to say this was a very pleasant surprise, and we've been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive reactions and feedback.


DJ style producers have had a huge influence on chart hits over the past few years, sometimes having their version out-sell the original radio version. In your opinion, what have been your favourites from the past few years?

Murray: The Freemasons have been a master at this for a while, with their remixes pretty much always outshining the original artist and the other mixes. Love him or hate him, David Guetta has obviously epitomised the DJ/artist hybrid in recent years. And that's paved the way for many other DJs to do the same.

Brett: Tikaro's mix of Spectrum most recently is just an absolute winner on the dance floor. But there are so many to choose from!


You guys have played some pretty massive gigs, both here in Oz and overseas, what have been your favourites?

Brett: Locally, it has to be Freemasons @ the Ivy x2 !!! Both gigs have been a highlight. Overseas, Poland sure knows how to party. Had a gig at Opera Club this year, and was blown away by the great attitude, and sexy venues they have over there!

Murray: Big Gay Day in Brisbane was a real highlight, huge street party in Brisbane. But even down to the Fair Day Gaydar tents, it's not a massive big room gig, but the energy is always so electric. A bitter sweet moment was this year's Fair Day after we had all just learnt of Whitney's passing, and our closing song was So Emotional. Sets and moments like that stay with you.


How did you come together and form the Oxford Hustlers?

Brett: Believe it or not, Murray and I have known each other now for over 10 years there about's, before we were even DJs. We lost touch, but reconnected again when I had moved to Sydney - he was already going hard on the scene with a great DJ career. I started mucking around with production first before the DJing, then moved over.

Murray: Yup, one night over dinner in Paddington, with the help of a little sangria, tapas, and a lot of random chit chat with decided to make the move. We wanted to take things to the next level, and thus Oxford Hustlers were born!


The remix for Christina - we are assuming that is just the beginning of huge name artists your going to remix for! Can you let us in on any upcoming remixes we can look out for?

We can't say much right now, but we do have one out soon for an Aussie Diva who everyone is familiar with, the mix is finished, label is just finalising release details. More big ones are in the works too!


You can check out the Oxford Hustlers official group on here. And check the what's on listings for their appearances across the globe.


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