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Laydee Kinmee takes Australia's Got Talent by storm

She took the latest season of Australia's Got Talent by storm, and was even back on the show's grand final as a special guest - we think one of the world's only Yodelling Drag Queens, Laydee Kinmee - who you may know from her stint on radio show, Queer Out West, sat down with in Melbourne, just as she came off on stage from taping the grand final episode of the popular talent show.

What made you go on the show in the first place?

Well you know, sometimes I believe that shows like this are just as much about gimmicks and stories as they are about talent.
After I started yodelling in drag, I was gobsmacked at how well it went over with the crowds and how entertaining people had found it. The show had never had a yodeller on before, yet alone a drag queen doing it, so I thought why not give it a go.

How has the Journey been?

It has been amazing. Just like everyday life, it has had it's high's and lows, but fortunately, my journey's high's far outweighed the lows. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so happy with how it all went.

Whats it been like exposing your unique performance talent to the entire country through Drag?

As a performer, I don't think you are ever fully satisfied. You continually challenge your repertoire, performance technique and of course your fan base. I have been most fortunate to perform over most continents, and nothing can compare to the feedback of fans - no matter where they are. After my initial audition, my facebook and email went into overdrive. I had hundreds of friend requests and numerous messages from fans all over the country and even some international fans who watch the show online. It's dreams becoming reality when things like that happen,  all the years of hard work really have paid off.

Whats the reaction been to you and your craft by other Drag performers?

You know, Sydney Queens have witnessed my talents in the flesh for about 2 years now. From the first time I performed the number, they have been amazed. I have always had a great support here in Sydney, and now it's great to see that queens all over the country are just as supportive.

How was the process of filming the show?

LONG. The actual process itself was pretty easy. It's just all the waiting that can take it's toll. For my initial audition, I arrived at Parramatta Riverside at about 11am. I didn't hit the stage til after 10pm that night. It's a long time to be sitting around in a corset and heels. The crew are all so amazing though. They cater for your every whim and continually make sure you are feeling ok and that you are kept hydrated and everything. So even though it was sometimes long - it was always pleasant.

What was your relationship like with the Judges? Did you like or hate any of them in particular?

Before going into the show, I was fairly confident Dannii would LOVE my performance. I was very unsure about Brian and I was most worried about Kyle. A lot of people hate Kyle, but I personally love him. He tells it how it is and says what everyone else is too scared to say. I knew his opinion would be very honest, so I was terrified he wouldn't like it, thankfully he did. Off screen they were all so down to earth and really friendly. I would chat to Kyle and Brian on there cigarette breaks and I had a great time catching up with Dannii at the after party.

What was it like coming back to be one of the featured guests on the Grand Final episode?

It was such a great honour coming back as a guest. The production they put together was so much fun and it was great being part of it. Initially they actually wanted me swinging onto the stage off a giant rope,which I thought would be hilarious,  but unfortunately it wasn't possible with timings and microphones etc. Walking down the stairs was probably more glamourous anyways. Coming back also gave me closure on the show. After the announcement of the finalists, it's like you've just been cut off and no chance to say good bye to all the wonderful friends you've made. It was great being able to see everyone one last time, and even meet some new people and be able to party on and say good bye.

What does the future hold in store for you from now on?

I always keep myself very busy. I am now busier than ever. I am working on my debut album which will feature some originals, great classics and of course my now famous yodels. The album will be camp, somewhat country flavoured but with a more modern twist. I am also in the final stages of new and exciting show to tour the Clubs called "Drags To Bitches" which should begin touring in November/December this year. More television is hopefully on the cards for 2013 also.

You can join the official Laydee Kinmee Group on here.

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