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I Like That! House Music Diva Luciana Is Still Hot

She hooked up with your best friend. She stole your girlfriend. But guess what? Luciana’s still hot!

Indeed, the British house music singer is hotter than ever. Having racked up Top 40 hits dating back to 2007 in Australia – her biggest being the 2009 Top 5 single “I Like That,” which also topped U.S. Club charts – Luciana returns to the dance floor with a vengeance this summer.

Coming off a massive five-date tour of Australia, the diva is now promoting two hot new singles. On “We Run the Night,” she teams with global legend Tiesto. She reunites with producer Richard Vission for “When It Feels This Good.”

Guide to Gay Celebrity Correspondent Pollo Del Mar catches up with Luciana just before her last Australian gig. Together these divas discuss gay fans, the men Down Under and what it was like working with entertainment industry icons Betty White and Kylie Minogue.

How has your Australian tour been?

It’s been totally brilliant! I really do love it here. They really do know how to party! They get down. They get pissed and really get quite rowdy. I just love it! We go to Melbourne on Friday. I just love it. It’s been quite brilliant!

You’ve done five shows in less than two weeks down there!

Yesterday was really funny. I did a show in Darwin yesterday night, then left at 7am. I got to Sydney, did a show in Sydney, then left five minutes after to go to Brisbane and do a show at Family. That’s pretty hardcore, isn’t it? That’s like the most I’ve ever done.

I forget how huge Australia is. You’re traveling all over!

I’m going for this! I’m totally going for it!! I’m totally in love with Sydney. Have you ever been to Sydney?

I haven’t! What makes Sydney so special?

There’s something really gritty about it, but it’s also on the beach. You’re literally five minutes from surfing, then you’re right in the city. It’s really, really cool. There are sections of it that remind me a tiny bit of San Francisco. You’d love it! You’re from San Francisco, right?


Then you love Sydney then. 

Yes, men with accents are so sexy!

(Laughing.) That’s so true! You’d just be in heaven, wouldn’t you? Oh, my God! You’d love the club we did called “Nevermind.” Oh, you’d totally love it. You need to be here! You need to come visit, definitely!

You have not one but two singles out simultaneously?

Yes, that’s the plan! We thought, if we feel a track, let’s just put it out. Instead of staggering the releases, we decided to put it out. The Tiesto track which is out now [“We Own the Night”] started with a random meeting on my birthday last year. It was June 21 last year, I met Tiesto, and now here we are with a single, which has just blown me away! It’s such a fabulous pop track! Then we’ve got the new track coming out called “When It Feels This Good,” and that’s a follow-up to “I Like That.” It’s me working with Richard Vission again. That’s coming out next week.

The video already out.

Because I’m in Australia, the release here is June 11. It’s out in America now. That was so much fun as well! We had three girls skating in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles. At 12am, you get some strange people! Everyone is pissed out of their heads. When I say “pissed,” I don’t mean angry. I mean drunk! So, yeah, it was  lot of fun. (Laughing.) It was really good fun – so much fun. I’m really excited about this track.

Describe the relationship between your career and the gay community?

It kind of just goes hand-in-hand for me. They’ve always been with me, and they’re part of my family. I’m absolutely in love with them. It is part of me. I don’t know what else to say beside that. I’ve always had so much support, from the very, very beginning.

Your most recent #1 single, “I’m Still Hot,” is on constant repeat in my iPod.

You want me to tell you the origins of that track? My manager at the time was going out with a Russian supermodel. This is actually true! She was a Russian supermodel – the front cover of all the magazines, really, really beautiful. He said to her, “No matter what you do, you’re still hot.” He was like, “Even if you’re just getting out of bed, you’re still hot!” So we wrote this track for her. We thought it would be really fun, really tongue-in-cheek for her to sing. But because she’s Russian, she couldn’t sing it. It just sounded really bad when she sung it. (She mimics the model singing the song, then laughs loudly.) It made it really unsexy. Then I put a demo out, and she tried to sing to the demo, but it just wasn’t working. So they kept me, because it seemed to work.

As a drag performer, I love it! It’s so campy.

Someone said to me there’s a drag artist here in Sydney – actually, three of them – and they dressed as Satan. “Guess what? I’m still hot!” (Laughs.) I wish I’d have seen that. It would have been quite fun. There’s also some drag artists in West Hollywood who perform it. It’s a fabulous song for drag!

How did re-recording the song with Betty White happen?

We were in a club in L.A., and my friend David walked past this guy, and he smelled his armpits. He said, “Come smell this guy’s armpits! They’re totally fabulous!” So I went over and smelled his armpits. Anyway, this guy turned out to be a guy who worked for a company who was working on an ad for Lifeline Insurance. Then, the next day, he had a dream. He called to say, “Why don’t we try to get Betty White to sing ‘I’m Still Hot’ for this Lifeline Insurance ad, to show that even at 90, you can still be hot?” So he asked Betty White, and she loved the track! (Laughs.)

I can’t imagine meeting her, honestly. She’s a legend!

She’s a complete legend! I started crying when I met her. I was trying to be all casual and cool – “Oh, hi. Nice to meet you, Betty” – but, in reality, we’d all grown up watching Golden Girls. I was like, “Oh, my God! I met Betty White!” and started crying. You know, she is a legend. I got a bit star struck and didn’t know what to say, so I asked her if she wanted a sandwich.

Speaking of “legends,” tell me about working with Kylie Minogue?

We sent a track to the record company, but then we didn’t hear anything back. Finally, she heard the track four months later and flipped out over it. She said it was her favorite track on the album, and then it made the record. I was so excited, I did a high-kick from the kitchen table, which fell on the floor, because Kylie was just so in love with the track. That’s how it came about. Then, randomly, we met in Ibiza. I saw her sing “Cupid Boy,” which I’d written in my house, and it was the most amazing feeling. It really, really was! It was so cool, because she’s the queen!

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