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Sydney's Sleaze Balls were modelled on the Sleaze Balls of New York City.
Everything from high camp drag to full S&M leather can have an element of sleaze in it. The Sleaze Ball is to be a celebration of this aspect of our gay culture. 
Sleaze Ball became the premiere "other" party for the gay community, largely famous for its dress up and costuming of participants,  before an avalanche of small club parties killed off the large scale party in 2010.

  Sleaze Ball - 18 September 1982  
  Paddington Town Hall

(500 people turned away)

  Sleaze Ball - 15 October 1983  
  2000 tickets $14

Sydney Showgrounds


  Sleaze Ball - 6 October 1984  
  4,000 tickets



  Sleaze Ball - 13 October 1985  
  5,000 tickets


Artistic Director: Peter Tully, Jeff Hardy

Sleaze Ball - 6 September 1986
6,000 Tickets $22


Women's Bar

Featuring Sylvester - Take Me To Heaven, Do You Wanna Funk?, (2 others)

Party Co-ordinators: Dennis Lenox, Jeff Hardy

Science fiction/prehistoric theme featuring a volcano

Sleazeball - 5 September 1987



Sleaze - 2 October 1988

Sleaze - 21 October 1989
RHI & Horden
DJs: Mark Alsop, Ben Drayton, Ron Oram
Scenic Design: Graham Brecht
Technical Design: Wayne Gait-Smith

Simon Reptile and the Anti-Bad Time Crew

Sleaze - 20 October 1990 (Angels & Devils)
12,000 tickets

RHI DJs: Bobby Lloyd, John Hardidge, Bill Morley

Design: Mark Forrest


Sleaze - 28 September 1991

The Banquet Hall

DJs: Robert Racic, Stephen Alkins

The Horden

DJs: Faye Raye, Danny "Ooh Yeah", Lance Douglas


DJs: Craig Truslove, Paul Goodyear, Dean Essing

Scenic & Lighting Design: Victor Li

Associate: Richard Weiss

Jungle Sleaze Ball - 3 October 1992

DJs: Faye Raye, Rob Davis, John Hardidge


DJs: Gemma, Murray Grimley, Lexie Bradfield

Banquet Hall

DJs: Ron Oram, Graeme Dickson

Design: Mark Forrest, Alan Parkinson

Sleaze (silver threads and golden needles) - 2 October 1993
DJs: Tony Svela, Faye Raye, Dean Essing
Lighting: Alan Parkinson

DJs: Brent Nicholls, James Fraser, Kate Munroe
Lighting: Geoffrey Rose

Banquet Hall
DJs: Michael Robinson, Lexie Bradfield
Lighting: Alan Parkinson

DJ: Tim Fitzgerald

Sleaze Ball - 1 October 1994  
Valhalla (RHI)
DJs: Brent Nicholls, Alex Taylor, James Fraser
Lighting: Alan Parkinson

Cell Block H (Horden) 
DJs: Thao, Peter McNamara, Lexie Bradfield
Lighting: Geoffrey Rose

Vault (Dome)
DJs: Rob Davis, Richard Weiss
Lighting: Tim Blower

DJs: Junior B, Colleen Naxon
Lighting: Barbra Williams


RHI midnight show: Mogadonna

RHI: D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Beter (microphone problems)

Sleaze Ball - A Robodyke and Cyberfag Homosphere
- 30 September 1995

Nexus (RHI) 
DJs: Luke Leal, Colleen Naxon, Rob Davis
Lighting: Steven Hales

 Zone (Hordern)
DJs: (name removed by request), Brent Nicholls, Lexie Bradfield
Lighting: Geoffrey Rose

Sector X (Dome) 
DJs: Richard Weiss, Ben Drayton

Vortex (Girls Space - Carousel)
DJs: Nadine Haynes, Sioux Spears
Lighting: Barb Williams


RHI: Lady Bump - Metropolis set

Poster Design: Andreas Zehntner

Voodoo Circus - 5 October 1996  

The Temple (RHI) 
DJs: Alex Taylor, Steve Carley, Dean Essing
Lighting: Steven Hales

Big Top (Horden) 
DJs: Mark Wyer, Steve Sonius, Junior B
Lighting: Ben Marcos, George Stavoropoulos

Voodoodome (Dome) 
DJs: Buck Naked, Steve Worthy, Tony Svehla
Lighting: Mark Anderson

Tatooed Lizzie's
DJs: Charmain Davis, Mandy Rollins, Thao
Lighting: Barb Williams

Limbo Lounge
DJs: Anabelle Gaspar, Gary T


RHI Midnight: Thelma Huston

RHI 1:30am: Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

RHI 3am: ?Lonnie Gordon


Atlantis Sleaze - 4 October 1997  
17,000? Tickets at $70

Atlantis (RHI)

DJs: 10pm-2am Stephen Blomfield, 2-5am Jason Leahy, 5-8am Steve Carley

Lighting: Steven Hales

Fishcotech (Horden)

DJs: 10pm-2am John Portelli, 2-5am Sioux Spears, 5-8am Alex Taylor

Lighting: Anthony Read

Sweatbaths (Dome)

DJs: 11pm-3am Gary T, 3-7am Steven Alkins

Lighting: Barb Williams

Clitorissima (The Carousel, Women's space)

DJs: 11pm-3am Queen Martine, 3-7am Sveta

Lighting: Penny Price

Aqueerium (The Kensington)

DJs: 11pm-3am Bill Cotsis, 3-7am Dr John


RHI 12pm: Confide in Me

RHI 2am: Tina Arena - Burn

RHI 8am: There's Got To Be A Morning After

Weird Sleaze - 3 October 1998  
14,500 Tickets

The Lab (RHI)

DJs: Jamie Sciban, Luke Leal, Steve Carley

Lighting: Allan Parkinson & Barbara Williams

Sexperiment (Horden - Divided into 3 spaces, Lesbian, Gay Men and a large mixed space)

DJs: Thomas the Funkengine, Steve Sonius, Mandy Rollins

Lighting: Antony Read

The Crypt (Dome)

DJs: Annabelle Gaspar, Bill Cotsis, Garry Tee

Lighting: Jamie Ivarsen


RHI Midnight - Horny
Mitzi Macintosh

Choreography: William Forsythe

RHI 3am: Breathe - Atlanta Georgia

Choreography: William Forsythe

RHI 5am: Robbie The Robot to Everything I Wanted - Amelia Airhead

RHI 8am: I Don’t Like It - Pauline Pantsdown

Choreography: Aron Farley

Homosutra Sleaze - 2 October 1999  
13,000 tickets at $75

Shiva - RHI - Stage as bridge across centre of floor

DJs: Rob Davis, Paul Goodyear, Luke Leal

Lights: Allan Parkinson

Temple of Gaynesh - Hordern - large sculpture of Ganesh on Stage

DJs: Scott Shimmia, Sveta, Alex Taylor

Lighting: Jamie Ivarsen

Domosutra - Dome

DJs: Dr John, Annabelle Gaspar, Bill Cotsis

Lighting: Antony Read

Men's Space - Mini Circus Tent across road

DJs: Steve Sonius, Garry T

Women's Space - Mini Circus Tent across road

DJ’s Jude Tsai, DJ Josh


RHI: Ever SO Lonely

RHI 3am: Son of A Preacher Man, Sexy MF

Horden: Justify My Love

Party Director: Glenn Horder

Sleaze 2000 Degrees  
13,500 tickets at $82.50

RHI - Hot

DJs: Jake Kilby, Barry Harris, Greg Boladian

Lighting: Allan Parkinson

Dome - Hard

DJs: Luke Leal, Gonzalo, Baby Bear, Mark Murphy

Lighting: Jamie Ivarsen

Hordern - House

DJs: Annabelle Gaspar, Stephen Allkins, Sveta

Lighting: Antony Read

Shows (RHI)

Ultra Nate

Tina Cousins

Clare de Lune

Horden Mini-concert
Ultra Nate
If You Could Read My Mind
Found A Cure


Beast Sleaze - 29 September 2001  
12,000 tickets

DJs: Peter McNamara, Sean Manley, 3-5:30am Greg Boladian (replacing Wayne G), Alex Taylor 
Lighting: Anthony Read

DJs: Luke Leal, Sveta, Anthony Whitlock
Lighting: Jamie Ivarsen

DJs: Junior B, Baby Bear, Ben Drayton
Lighting: Brad Wright

City Live: 
DJs: Jake Kilby, Feisty, Alan Thompson, Phillip Mezzatesta,

(to confirm DJ halls & order) 


RHI 12.20am
Closer (Nine Inch nails)
Bear dancers

RHI - 3am

RHI - 5:30am
I Touch Myself 
Chrissie Amphlett

RHI - 8am
Just The Thing 
Paul Mac, Peta Morris

Elephant & Giraffe ridden by Clair de Lune, Veruska Darling

Sleaze In Uniform - 5 October 2002 (by PRIDE)  
8000 tickets at $79

DJs: Anthony Whitlock, Luke Leal, Kate Munroe
Lighting: Anthony Read

DJs: Ben Drayton, Mandy Rollins, Garry T


Women in Uniform


Video & Pyrotechnics



(There was a second set of posters)
Sleaze Ball - Flesh Dressed Up - 4 October 2003  
9000 tickets at $90

DJs: 10pm-1am DJ Shigeki, 1-5am Jake Kilby, 5-8am Alex Taylor
Lighting: Brad Wright, Hugh Taranto

Hordern Pavilion
DJs: 10pm-1am Ryan Murphy, 1-5am DJ Josh, 5-8am Neal Crawford

Stage 11(City Live)
DJs: 10pm-1am Mandy Rollins, 1-4am Buck Naked, 4-7am Kelly Lynch

The Gallery
DJs: 10pm-12.30 am Jimmy Dee, 12.30-3am DJ Beaker, 3-5.30 am Doctor Jane, 5.30-8am Anthony Whitlock


RHI - 1am 
O Fortuna to Marilyn Manson 
Dmitri Kalinine (Russian Olympic Gymnast, Circe de Soleil) 
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

RHI - 3-4am
Mini scenes:
Window Cleaners

RHI - 4:30am
You're Rude

RHI - 8am
Vida Las Vegas, Sexy Galexy

Porn - 2 October 2004  

DJs: 10pm-1am Shigeki; 1-5am Neal Crawford; 5-8am Ryan Murphy


DJs:10pm-1am Mike Kelly; 1-4am Mandy Rollins; 4-8am Sveta


DJs: 10pm-2am Jimmy Dee; 2-6am Stephen Blomfield



1am Cast of We WIll Rock You

3am Porn through the ages

8am Strip



1am Porn Stars

3am Pole dancing


Sleaze Sinsuality - 1 October 2005  

DJs: 10pm-12:30am Greg Boladian; 12:30-3am Luke Leal & Jake Kilby; 3-5:30am Kate Munroe; 5:30-8am Dan Murphy



DJs: 10pm-12:30am Ruby; 12:30-3am Chip; 3-5:50am Mandy Rollins & Feisty; 5:30-8am Sveta



2am Rogue Traders

  Ghetto Fabulous - 30 September 2006  
  Hordern Pavilion – Fabulous

DJs: 10pm-midnight Sista P; midnight-2am Mr Timothy; 2-4am Paul Goodyear; 4-6am Rob Davis; 6-8am Alex Taylor and Chip (Back-2-Back)

Dome – Club Ghetto

DJs: 10pm-1am Sveta and Rob Gilbert (Back-2-Back); 1-4am Mandy Rollins and Feisty (Back-2-Back), 4-6am Stephen Allkins [LOVE] Tattoo; 6-8am Rado

The Forum (City Live) - Disco Ghetto

DJs:10pm-2am David Hiscock; 2-6am Jake “camp” Kilby

D'vinyl & Kitty Glitter 6am

Katie Underwood

Zirkus - 29 September 2007  

1st release = $55 members, $79 non-members
2nd release = $99 members, $119 non-members, $79 concession

DJs: 10pm-1am GI Jode & Neroli; 1-4am Alex Taylor, Kate Monroe, Jayson Forbes; 4-8am Peter Newton, Tim Graham (Trance)

The Forum

DJs: 10pm-12:30am Kitty Glitter; 12:30-3am Justin Scott; 3-5:30am Dan Murphy; 5.30-8am Murray Hood

The Dome

DJs: 10pm-1am Rob Davies; 1-4am Steve Sonius; 4-8am Feisty


1am Toby Allen & Nikki Webster Strawberry Kisses

4am Cosima Devito - Keep It Natural

4am Fire launch

8am Vanessa Amorosi

Villains' Lair - 4 October 2008  
5000 tickets at $119/$79/$99 members

Hordern Pavilion

DJs: 9pm-midnight Alan Thompson; midnight-1am The Potbelleez; 1-4am Sveta, 4-6am Mark Murphy, 6-8am Deepchild


DJs: 9-11pm Beatrix; 11-11:45pm Project Sleazeway; 11:45pm-3am GI Jode; 3-5:30am Luke Leal; 5:30-8am Jake Kilby

Daylight savings started at 2am changing the time to 3am.



Decadence - 2 October 2010
? tickets at $59/$99

The Forum - grind and sweat with our sexy all boys DJ line-up

DJs: 10pm-midnight Adam Love; midnight-2am Dan Murphy; 3-5am Eddie Coulter, 5-7am Baby Bear

The Dome - Sydney's hottest selection of female DJs and performers

DJs: 10pm-midnight Beth Yen; midnight-2am Kate Munroe; 3-5am Sveta; 5-7am Beatrix

The Bordello

DJs: 10pm-midnight Scott Tanner; midnight Project Sleazeway; followed by Justin Scott

Daylight savings started at 2am changing the time to 3am.