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Our favourite looks from the Marco Marco Fashion show

Underwear designer and avant guard fashionista, Marco Marco took to the runway this past week with their trademark fashion show featuring a bevvie of trans, drag and cis models. Its always a feast for the eyes, given that the designers offerings cover the various body shapes and sizes in eclectic and vibrant strips, patterns and materials.

We have gathered some of our favourite looks from some of the celeb models on show.

Vanity Faire (Vanity)

One of our good mates in Australia, Vanity STOLE the runway this year, with an incredible shape and style we don't think America has seen before. Totally fierce and fabulous as only Vanity can do... and as some of you know - she is THE Vanity, from Wigs By Vanity (as seen on Drag superstars heads the world over.)



Ginger Eddie

Eddie Eduardo is pure lickable Hercules in this speedo style pant. The stripes and the eyeliner just make you want to sit at the end of the runway in a trenchcoat. lol. Work those poses Eddie!



She is her own natural style icon, so having Raja on the Marco Marco runway was a real treat. And what an outfit! It's shimmer-tastic. You might remember her from Drag Race or her many youtube web series.


Courtney Act

She is the songbird that can turn lipgloss and mascara into FACE, and serve it! Well she is definately serving us this Marco Marco creation. 

Here are some more hot shots from the night including more drag superstars Adele Delano, Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox


Check out the entire video from the show on our videos page.


Andrew Christian Goes Enhanced

Andrew Christian underwear was a buzz brand that had a friend of mine chatting whilst we were out perusing the department stores a while ago, and  after the big sale from our friend, i really wanted to see if the hype and buzz was worth it "Oh their fabulous" he said… "you just have to get a pair" -- ok, so off to Andrew Christian's website is go.

A very little bit later, three pairs of the most interesting and fabulous underwear have landed on my desk… the more interesting thing is that they are all garments that "enhance" you in some way or another.

There is the SHOCK JOCK EXTREME - this one is the mother load of package enhancers… its kind of like shoulder pads for your knob. But if your lacking a bit, don't show, its really cold, or if you just want that "well rounded look", then why not? The undies themselves are so brilliantly manufactured and totally comfy - i would love to wear these even without the smooth sexy padding!

Then the next offering was a pair called "Show It" - and yes, it does exactly what it says it does. Pop your package in the built in little housing area, and it defines and lifts your meat and veg to its upmost enhancement. A clever idea and all done without giving away a thing, its cleverly designed into a trunk brief and the stitching, cut and waist band make it a totally comfortable ride - love this one to bits!

Now the kids at AC havnt forgotten about your rear either… they showcased us with a top little ditty. One for all you boys who love the jock strap vibe, but hate the bare ass element… its a bubble butt creator called "Almost Naked" with "flashback" technology… lightweight material, great stitching as with all the AC gear, and very very comfortable...

All in all these three "enhancement" offerings from Andrew Christian underwear are totally fabulous, not shoddy like so many other underwear brands and look as good as they feel. You will love them all.

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