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Meet Your Mardi Gras DJs: The Carry Nation

  • Written by  Pez
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NAME: Will Automagic & Nita Aviance of The Carry Nation 
PARTY: "Mardi Gras Party ’15 !!!!" 
SOUND: "Primal Warehouse." 

TheCarryNationThis year's Mardi Gras theme is "Passion." Tell us something you're passionate about that might surprise us. 
The future…

How do you prepare a set?
We're always prepared... We want to bring the flavour and feel of New York. Something Old, something New, something Borrowed, nothing Blue.

What track can't you get enough of right now?
Octo Octa – Fever Dream
What artist would we be most shocked to find on your iPod?
Definitely Michael McDonald.

What's your wildest onstage memory?
It’s pretty wild to DJ with 40 drag queens go-go dancing on stage at Glastonbury!

Mardi Gras is a celebration of diversity and pride. What should the gay community be most proud of?
We should be most proud of our individuality and celebrate our differences together!

Your industry has experienced such an evolution the last few years. What are both the best and worst changes you've witnessed?
The homogenization of dance music is something we fight. There are however more people globally listening to it than ever before, and this provides access that didn’t previously exist.

Punters always have requests for DJs. What special requests do you have for your Mardi Gras audience?
Get naked!!!!
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