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Top Sydney Identity, Atlanta Georgia Passes Away

  • Written by  GTG
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Sydney's performance community was today devastated by the news that Paul McCarter - otherwise known as "Atlanta Georgia" had passed away. At the time of writing, the cause of Paul's passing is unknown. Many members of the Sydney scene have been expressing their disbeleif and sadness to close friends and family.

Atlanta Georgia was one of the premier Drag performers of recent years , making a name for herself on the Sydney scene - whilst fundraising for many a charity and performing at top parties like Sleaze Ball, Disco Inferno, Motiv8 among many many others.

A solid friend to all the team members at we encourage your thoughts and memories in the comments section below - and we will endeavour to bring you more news as it comes to hand in this tough time.

A truly genuine person - who's uniqueness will be sorely missed by us all.
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