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Eddie McGuire’s Tasteless Tongue

  • Written by  Lisa McMahon
  • Published in Latest

Once again Eddie McGuire has brought his sad school boy humour to our TV screens during the Channel 9 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  This time his play mate is Mick Molloy, who shouldn’t escape a wrap over the knuckles for his part in this sorry homophobic stereotyping.

Discussing men's figure skating, Molloy said: "They don't leave anything in the locker room these blokes do they" quickly followed by Mcguire snide addition of "they don't leave anything in the closet either do they."

Viewing footage of one competitor, McGuire described a skater’s costume of overalls and a flanny shirt as "a bit of broke back". His side kick, Mick Molloy added further dribble with “A bit of Brokeback Mountain exercises, you can't wear that" in reference to the homosexual theme of the film Brokeback Mountain. Their inane grins were the final straw for many viewers and channel 9 received a number of complaints and Members of the Facebook page Eddie Mcguire is ruining the 2010 Winter Olympics coverage  were also hitting the keyboard hard in protest of his tasteless commentary.

As one member wrote: “Eddie lacks respect... his parents should have taught him better, homophobia has no place anywhere or anytime! I am no longer watching!!!”

So why do we have such an embarrassment on our screens?

Perhaps this buffoon should stick his stereotyping in his undies and drop in at the Sports Village at Mardi Gras Fair Day this weekend to go head to head with our hottest gay athletes and see who comes out on top in the rumble.

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