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"Bruno" might not be so funny

He may be hilariously funny - but will Sascha Baron Cohen's new blockbuster potential, Bruno - be a positive image for the GLBTI community?

US activists are saying no, as it "could reinforce negative stereotypes about homosexuals just as they are making gains in the fight for rights such as same-sex marriage."

Cohen's style of humor does raise eyebrows - as it did with his previous blockbuster "Borat" but this type of success can have negative impact.

"We do feel the intentions of the filmmakers are in the right place -- satire of this form can unmask homophobia -- but at the same time it can heighten people's discomfort with our community," said Rashad Robinson, senior director of media programs for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

With that in mind, GLAAD asked in vain for Universal Pictures, the studio behind "Bruno," to add a message from Cohen addressing the importance of gay rights and tolerance.

Universal says in a statement it believes most moviegoers will understand the film's "positive intentions."

"'Bruno' uses provocative comedy to powerfully shed light on the absurdity of many kinds of intolerance and ignorance, including homophobia," the studio said.

What do you think? With recent bad taste jokes and homophobia masked as comedy (ala Footy Show) in the press, do you think Bruno is going to be good for the image of the GLBTI community?

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