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DIVA Announces Vanessa Wagner as the 2012 Hall Of Fame Recipient

DIVA has today announced that performer, community pioneer and activist, Vanessa Wagner will be inducted into the DIVA Hall Of Fame at the upcoming 2012 DIVA Awards, to be held at Fox Studios Australia, Monday 29th October 2012.


Vanessa Wagner is one of Australia’s most colourful and entertaining identities. She started as a dedicated housewife and part time hostess in the early nineties. Vanessa was crowned Sydney Mardi Gras Miss Fair Day 1993. For seven years she coordinated and hosted the spectacularly successful Drag Race Meet at Bondi Beach for the Sydney Fringe Festival.


From early 1993 till 1996 Vanessa captivated audiences with Jamie and Vanessa parties and stage shows. Her sell out hit dance show, Vanessa Wagner's History of Dance broke box office records as part of the Mardi Gras Festival in 1999.


She Co-hosted the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade telecasts on Channel Ten for 5 years. She also had a regular appearance as talk back host, on national youth radio station Triple J.


She was the most colourful and loved entrant in Celebrity Big Brother, has made Australia laugh featuring in a Snickers TV commercial and keeps Australia laughing with TV and Cable appearances. With a myriad of corporate speaking & charity works across Australia Vanessa has proved her flexibility and has cemented her position as a lovable Australian icon.


Vanessa has had a long association with DIVA, being a host on three occasions, the last being in 2006 and she was the winner of ACON Queen of Hearts in 1997.

Vanessa Wagner has made an enormous contribution to the HIV positive community as a host, educator and activist working with many organisations including; ACON, BGF, Oxfam International, PLWHA, Aids Trust, NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and Earth Hour.


“Modern life is full of challenges. Living with HIV is one of many I have faced with gusto for over 10 years. Keep the courage! Knowledge can give power." ... Vanessa Wagner


Vanessa’s impact has not faded in anyway when in 2007 she hosted BGF Glamstand, played an acclaimed DJ retro set at the Mardi Gras party and at the Newtown Hotel presented ‘Freakshow’ with Cindy Pastel. In 2010 Vanessa reintroduced her Drag Races on Bondi Beach to the Mardi Gras Festival and this event is again on the rise to more success due to her quirky kind of alternate slant to social drag.


Google’ing “Vanessa Wagner” returns 742 articles such has been her impact to date and no reference to a bad hair day can be found!


You can be a part of the induction by grabbing a ticket (which are selling incredibly fast - so don't mis out) via

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