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Sydney Event Promoter Tackles Artist Cancellation By Shooting Cash Out Of A Cannon

This upcoming long weekend in Sydney was to be the first major LGBTIQ performance for pop/urban chart topper, Timomatic, but due to a death in the family, the current highest selling Australian chart artist has had to cancel his performance at the iconic DAYWASH day party at the Chinese Laundry on Sussex Street. 

“Unfortunately due to a personal family matter, I will be unable to perform at DAYWASH on Saturday 30th September. I apologise to all my fans at DAYWASH that I can’t be there to perform for you all. I  wish you all an awesome party!”  -Timomatic.

But never one to back down from a negative, party promoter, Johan Khoury has stepped up to the plate to replace Timomatic, not with a last minute ring in, but instead what we think is going to be a world first - shooting cold hard cash into the crowd instead.

Johan said in a statement today "However, as you know we would hate disappointing our fabulous Daywashers and would sooner shoot money out of a cannon then to get some washed-up Big Brother housemate to do a Whitney cover for you on the night as a replacement act – so that’s exactly what we are going to do… Shoot cold hard cash out of a cannon and pour it all over you at Daywash"

At a secret time during the party, it will be raining money (probably to "Raining Men") over the crowd in a downpour of cash.

The iconic day party is close to sell out, but you can grab last tickets now.

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