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Obama Wins Election though Same Sex Marriage looks to be banned in California

In an historic day for America and the world - American's turned out in record numbers and voted Democrat, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

Calling out to different groups including "Gays" - Obama called citizens to unite the country in a low key yet moving speech in Chicago.

Across the country - Senator John McCain spoke to a few thousand supporters at the hotel where he and his second wife Cindy were married - making one of the most gracious defeat speeches ever. McCain offered his support to Obama, further decreasing the bipartisan lines that have deeply divided America.

It was also a very special election for Gay America, with states like California offering up constitutional ammendments trying to ban Gay Marriage. Unfortunately at the time of going to press, the "for" vote is ahead and it looks as though same sex marriage will be banned via the constitution in that state should the trend continue.

Whilst we are celebrating a win for acceptance on one hand - we are losing on the other... thoughts?
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