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Matty brings the hotty hot hot hot to Brisbane

We have been obsessing over Matt's pics for a while now and his cheeky sense of humour and body-ody-ody realness shines through in all his social media shots... it makes us want to head to Brisbane and train with him one on one at his gym :) 

This guy is a treat on the eyes and a real Aussie bloke - so we hope you enjoy!


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Scott Herman

Scott Herman is already famous for being a nice guy - from MTV's Real World, to becoming an internet phenomenon. He has gays and well nearly everyone around the world clamouring to their nearest gym to workout and his youtube and online projects are just massive.'s Mark Dickson got to sit down with the fitness industries newest superstar...

Hi Scott, thanks so much for taking this time out from your busy schedule to talk to You started visiting the gym around 14, but were you always fit and sporty from being a kid so this was a natural progression?

Yes, I was always into sports growing up but my main motivation to go to the gym was to blow steam because I was picked on a lot.  I was very quiet as a kid and therefore was an easy target.  I could release negative energy at the gym and it quickly became a second home.

A lot of your clients and viewers may have been scrawny or lumpy or both (like me!) for decades.  How do you relate to their personal image issues that I guess you have been genetically lucky enough to avoid?

Well it is a struggle at both end of the spectrum.  On my side, It is very hard to gain muscle but easy to be lean.  On the opposite, that person can gain muscle but has a hard time staying lean.  So I can relate to the amount of work it takes to reach a goal.  That is what working out is all about. Setting a goal and then accomplishing it.  I see myself as a great coach and helping people reach their goals is what I take pride in.

How do you get up in morning,  or go to gym when stuffed after a long day at work? Is that easier when it becomes a routine part of your life and start enjoying it?

I enjoy going to the gym at night.  I need the day to eat to have the energy to expel at night.  I am a very intense weight lifter and a half empty stomach in the morning just won’t cut it.

Is there an optimum time to work out? Morning or evening, or just when you are committed and going to make most effort?

The best time to workout is anytime after you have eaten enough food to have energy in the gym.  It can be any time of the day.  Just make sure you eat because meal plan is key to your results!

I recently had a cold - is that the perfect excuse to skip gym for weeks till it's entirely gone? Or would you recommend people rest up for the worst few days then get back and do some light stuff. I know I've skipped endless time due to this and it's difficult to get back into it after break – this time I changed tack and went to gym and seemed to get over it faster.

Well I have had hives for the last two days… allergic reaction to a cologne I believe, and I have been all kinds of miserable.  But I still went to the gym to at least “go through the motions” as opposed to not doing anything.  Whether that is the best decision or not… I guess that is up to you.  I just don’t like to accept defeat.

You have a LOT going on in your life, when hives isn’t trying to interrupt. How do you Balance gym and socializing? To go on a date, or gym? Or both?

Well the gym is a part of my daily routine so that’s never hard to fit in.  However my social life has suffered a lot. But I do have a date tomorrow!  Yeah!! Wish me luck!

Yay, Good luck for sure  - we’re so jealous!   Speaking of which: Sex sells! Your image obviously helps promote the videos but do you actually work out shirtless normally at the gym like the guys all seem to do in fitness magazines?

I would actually always workout shirtless at my gym after I closed it.  Me and my buddies would close the place, throw our iPod on the sound system and tear it up for a couple hours.  It is really fun.

Some gyms in Australia are notorious for people (mainly guys I noticed!) standing around gossiping, primping and preening more than working out - is that just a gay ghetto issue in Australia or do you see that across the states too? Should gyms should be serious or social or maybe both if doesn't affect others.

That is something you will see in every gym.  But it isn’t a bad thing because a lot of people wouldn’t go to the gym unless they had that sort of social atmosphere.  However, their workout and results will suffer.  But hey, it’s better than nothing right?

How's your acting coming along post your stint on MTV’s Real World? I know you have your eyes set on a role as Captain America in an upcoming movie (& could use the angle that you don't need 6 months of Intensive training before the role like most actors would!). Are there any other acting jobs you'd consider and do you have plans to build up a background in theatre or movies before this and have you done any amateur theatre in the past?

I am actually up for the lead in a new HBO series.  It is still in preproduction but I should know more very soon.  I want to venture out and do some serious acting, but my goal is to use those opportunities as vessels to bring more attention to my fitness websites.  I want to teach fitness to the world and more face time will for sure help me spread this message.

You’re in demand as a fitness/underwear model: "guys wanna be you; girls (and some guys!) want you" you think this could be your main career aside from movies, or do you like the challenge of several jobs?

Modeling is great but I enjoy the challenge from several jobs.  I am a business man by nature and like to have something to work on each day.  I like to see things grow and become successful.

You seem to have Lots of gay followers of Youtube, but often people are asking if you’re gay or protesting that you’re straight. We don't care to know either way, but do you thing in the 21st Century we should have moved on from this?

I really don’t feed too much into the “are you gay or not” questions I get on youtube.  It never made sense to me.  We don’t ask someone if they are straight, so why do we have to ask if they are gay?  I think at this point in time it shouldn’t matter.  However the best thing about Youtube is that most of the time I cannot tell if I am talking to a girl or guy because of their username.  So when I respond to comments I can respond more naturally to something like.. “You’re hot!!” from a username like skatifs345.

Have you encountered any discrimination against Gay or Lesbian's in the fitness industry? It seems not to be a problem in inner Sydney but our gyms are often Gay run so maybe not that surprising! Also being in the fitness and modeling industry do you have many Gay friends?

I don’t see any discrimination against gays or lesbians in the fitness industry.  In fact, I have had many gay clients.  But as far as modeling goes, I’d say most of the people I meet in the entertainment industry in NY are gay men and they have made up the majority of my new friends since starting in the industry.

How do you find time to reply to posts online personally & why is this so important to you?

I make the time because I know there is going to be a point where I just won’t be able to do it anymore.  So while I can I want to let everyone know that I do care.  Even when I start getting 1,000s of comments per video I know I may not respond as much; but I want my viewers to know that I am still listening to what they need by reading them.

What drives you so hard to help people achieve their personal fitness goals?

Helping others fills me with joy.  I am a very social person and like to get involved in the lives of the people around me.

Any plans to visit Australia in the future?

I would love to visit Australia.  I am hoping a club or event coordinator will call me soon and book me for an appearance.  That would be so amazing! [Ed: anyone interested? drop us a line & we’ll put you in touch !]

What do you do when you get time to relax? Ever go to music festivals / clubs and what do you listen to at gym or when you’re out running?

My relaxing is playing video games with friends and watching TV or I will go for a jog.  I also enjoy working on my car.  I used to be a DJ so music is a big part of my life.  I listen to anything and everything.  If I am weight training I usually listen to hardcore rock like Korn, Disturbed, Godsmack, Slipknot, Static X, or Linkin Park.  When I run it is more upbeat music like Rhianna, Britney, Veronicas, Janet, Blackeyed peas, Pitbull, Lil Wayne or Beyonce.  A fast beat helps me run faster.

Do you think you have had an advantage by presenting well (looks/body/attitude) - research seems to say good looking people often get favored in life; but do you think by someone increasing their fitness that they can help this, regardless of if they're considered stereotypically good looking?

I have always been under the impression that if you are fit that it gives off the vibe that you have discipline.  However that is not always the case.  I have been approached by good looking men and woman and could see that they were full of it.  So in all actuality, it may help to get your foot slightly in the door, but it is your personality that is going to sell you 100%.

Finally, thank you for talking to the Guidetogay members, and good luck with all your goals, especially making more of us work out properly and pay attention to our health. One final question: if you come to Sydney and hit Bondi beach with us, would you want to be wearing Speedos, Boardies or Footy shorts?

Well after modeling all the jockstraps for UnderGear there is really nothing left for the imagination, so I guess I could go with the Speedo.  No one likes knee high tan lines anyways!

For more fitness advice and to watch a selection of Scott’s training videos check out the Guidetogay video section and subscribe to Scott’s Youtube channel: ScottHermanFitness for the entire set.

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