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You may not know their names, but you know their faces and bodies: ICONMEN.COM is bringing you the models from the covers of the world's hottest fitness magazines.

A website dedicated to this bevvie of all round 'hunk-of spunks' you can get everything from the unique workout DVD's (our favourites are Rusty Joiner and John Kesler!) as well as calendars, posing clips, streaming vids and posters... you can even score yourself signed copies of the mags the boys appear in!

Its part perve and part exercise - like any good gym should be - but you can do it all in the convenience of your home set up. Find out all the tricks of the trade to get the ultimate Mens Fitness bodies from the pros!

Each model presents a different type of workout, and some focus on their specialities - like chest and abs - or arms... there is even stuff for the muscle bear fans out there!

This site is growing every day, and with quality eye candy and good workout tips, need you want anything more?

ICONMEN.COM is bound to be the next international 'must have' for every body oriented gay man out there!

You can check out Rusty Joiner and his mates for yourself at WWW.ICONMEN.COM

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