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Tip It!: The World According to Maggie

You know how much we love our Kathy, but when we heard that Maggie - the super fabulous Mother of the hilarious comedian (and the star of My Life On The D-List - lol) was releasing her own memoir, we thought we would be in for a treat.

Heading to the Borders at Madison Square Garden on the last day of our New York City trip - we thought we would icon-up the moment even more… safe to say we were sneakily arranging the books all around the store to showcase the book even more than the staff did!  lol

But I digress…

Delving into Tip It!: The World According to Maggie - was my way of surviving the hideous flight from NYC to LA, and then LA to Sydney…  and you know what - it worked a treat.

Maybe not for the other passengers (all of whom were Christian Youth missionaries) who had to put up with the uncontrollable laughing, crying and gay gasps from little old me.

Tip It, literally has to be one of the best reads of the decade. An honest and incomparable insight into a lovely and endearing woman - who for all the life experience and upbringings that would make you think she would be anti everything - just shows how a beautiful she is and what a keen sense of whats right makes for a fabulous person no matter the age.

Now Kathy herself is right - she should be scared that her own mother would be "stealing her gays" - and this book will do just that. Maggie is a champion of the highest cause. You feel like you are sitting on her shoulder throughout the entire book, and feel like you know her, her husband (the equally brilliant Johnny - who also appeared on the D-List with Kathy) and her life story.

The insights "inserted" by Kathy herself, are as quick as she is in her standup, and do not detract from the message of the book, the engagement of Maggie with the reader, but lend an additional "devil's advocate" to what the reader is probably thinking themselves.

TIP IT is a defiant must read, and is destined for the New York Times best seller list. Get it any way you can… and read it over and over - you WILL love it!

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