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TRX - Personal Suspension Training System

There is a new fitness regime in town and its one that has all the 'die hard's' in pure elation… a body weight tension system that you can take anywhere, makes the TRX a desirable and completely functional workout machine.

But it isn't really a machine - no gimmicks, no steak knives, just great results and ease of use - its very simple.

A total slam dunk across the globe, it's finally made its way to Australia, thanks to the kind crew at

Basically, the system is straps that are in an all in one unit, that anchors to any point to instantly give you a hot and sexy workout tool.

Be it a door, beam, scaffold or other anchor point, its totally versatile. So much so, many local gym trainers are now incorporating it into their clients routines with great effect.

Internationally, even our mate Scott Herman (MTV's Real World) offers up FREE TRX workouts on his youtube channel.

The TRX System comes with a splash proof fitness guide, an instructional DVD and  handy little carry pouch.

My usage of the TRX has given me additional strength - and personally I love it for chest AND back exercises… I am not as flexible as some, who can use the system for core and more intricate and fancy exercises, the great thing is that I know as I improve I will not outgrow the TRX, it will adapt with my skill level and by the way its made, will last a very very long time.

If you want to grab your very own system - they are cheap as all get out - from packages that include accessories, to the basic unit itself, prices start from only a couple of hundred bucks. A very small investment in a tool of fitness that you will come to wonder how you lived without it.

Grab yours from our friends at and avoid impostors, imitators and inferior brands.

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