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PrEP to be added to Australia's PBS slashing costs.

People at risk of HIV will save hundreds of dollars from next month with the price of a preventative drug slashed.

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily drug recently recommended for listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

It is 99 per cent effective in preventing the transmission of HIV among gay and bisexual men, and from April will be available to high-risk general patients for $39.50 a monthly script, with concessional patients to pay $6.40.

Without the $180 million government subsidy patients would have paid nearly $2500 a year.

"(The listing) puts Australia in reach of being one of the first countries in the world to end the transmission of HIV," Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Wednesday.

He says the change will not only benefit gay and bisexual men, but also help drive down HIV rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and migrant communities, which have seen increased transmission rates in recent years.

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations says until now access to PrEP has been patchy, prohibitively expensive and mainly accessed through clinical trials.

"This will drive a substantial reduction in transmission and allow us to turbo-charge the Australian HIV response," federation CEO Darryl O'Donnell said in a statement.

The federation argues investment in HIV prevention also makes excellent financial sense, with each averted transmission of HIV saving the taxpayer one million dollars in lifetime costs.

Under the listing, patients will receive a three-month prescription and a sexual health check on each visit to the GP.

The government is also spending $1.2 million over five years on education and awareness measures for prescribers and affected communities on how to access and use PrEP.


Gay and bisexual men urged to vaccinate against meningococcal after Melbourne outbreak

Gay men are being urged to get vaccinated against meningococcal disease after a sudden outbreak in Melbourne.

Health authorities are offering a free vaccine from today after eight men were struck down with the disease's C-strain since May.

Victoria's deputy chief health officer, Brett Sutton, said almost all the patients identified as gay or bisexual.

"Eight doesn't sound like a big number, but if this were to affect the whole of Melbourne at the same rate as it's affected men who have sex with men, we'd be talking about a couple of hundred cases over a few months," he said.

Meningococcal disease is uncommon but it can be deadly.

Ten per cent of cases are fatal within 24 to 48 hours of diagnosis.

The bacteria lives in the throat and nose and is passed on through close and prolonged contact.

"That includes intimate kissing and we think that's what's driving transmission in this outbreak," Dr Sutton said.

Patients in the high-risk group who come down with a high fever, headache and light sensitivity should see their doctor or go to hospital.

Men can get the vaccine from their local GP as of today.


TRX - Personal Suspension Training System

There is a new fitness regime in town and its one that has all the 'die hard's' in pure elation… a body weight tension system that you can take anywhere, makes the TRX a desirable and completely functional workout machine.

But it isn't really a machine - no gimmicks, no steak knives, just great results and ease of use - its very simple.

A total slam dunk across the globe, it's finally made its way to Australia, thanks to the kind crew at

Basically, the system is straps that are in an all in one unit, that anchors to any point to instantly give you a hot and sexy workout tool.

Be it a door, beam, scaffold or other anchor point, its totally versatile. So much so, many local gym trainers are now incorporating it into their clients routines with great effect.

Internationally, even our mate Scott Herman (MTV's Real World) offers up FREE TRX workouts on his youtube channel.

The TRX System comes with a splash proof fitness guide, an instructional DVD and  handy little carry pouch.

My usage of the TRX has given me additional strength - and personally I love it for chest AND back exercises… I am not as flexible as some, who can use the system for core and more intricate and fancy exercises, the great thing is that I know as I improve I will not outgrow the TRX, it will adapt with my skill level and by the way its made, will last a very very long time.

If you want to grab your very own system - they are cheap as all get out - from packages that include accessories, to the basic unit itself, prices start from only a couple of hundred bucks. A very small investment in a tool of fitness that you will come to wonder how you lived without it.

Grab yours from our friends at and avoid impostors, imitators and inferior brands.


The Fitness & Alcohol Mix

Have you ever wondered if exercise and alcohol were a good mix - well like most people probably not - but then again - did you realise how BAD it was for you? Well, without killing your want for a drink now and then - we thought you should see this video from our good mate Scott from - he sums it all up in one easy to digest video package and makes a tonne of sense. Hope you like it.






You may not know their names, but you know their faces and bodies: ICONMEN.COM is bringing you the models from the covers of the world's hottest fitness magazines.

A website dedicated to this bevvie of all round 'hunk-of spunks' you can get everything from the unique workout DVD's (our favourites are Rusty Joiner and John Kesler!) as well as calendars, posing clips, streaming vids and posters... you can even score yourself signed copies of the mags the boys appear in!

Its part perve and part exercise - like any good gym should be - but you can do it all in the convenience of your home set up. Find out all the tricks of the trade to get the ultimate Mens Fitness bodies from the pros!

Each model presents a different type of workout, and some focus on their specialities - like chest and abs - or arms... there is even stuff for the muscle bear fans out there!

This site is growing every day, and with quality eye candy and good workout tips, need you want anything more?

ICONMEN.COM is bound to be the next international 'must have' for every body oriented gay man out there!

You can check out Rusty Joiner and his mates for yourself at WWW.ICONMEN.COM


Mario Lopez Workout

Mario Lopez loves fitness--and it shows. In magazine after magazine, he sports the ripped abs, toned torso, and trim waist that make him America's "best beach body" (InTouch). He doesn't find exercise boring or tedious--and now, neither will his readers. With this book, Mario offers a diverse exercise regimen that brings together sweat, discipline, and excitement to help readers achieve the best body possible with a workout they'll actually enjoy.

With three stages designed to get the body in shape, build and sculpt muscle, and ultimately showcase one's fit new form, the workout exercises every part of the anatomy--torso, arms, legs, and trouble areas like the thighs and belly. Each stage includes some of the Mario's favorite activities--among them boxing, running, biking, yoga, dance, basketball, and swimming--so readers can complete a full cardio workout with localized strength training, toning, and flexibility enhancement. Five workout sessions are featured each week so one never gets tired of doing the same thing.

With gorgeous full-color photography--including some of Mario exercising with his celebrity friends--personal anecdotes, and sidebars featuring his diet tips and recipes, Mario Lopez's Fitness Workout reflects the congenial personality and charm for which Mario is widely adored. Now his fans can tackle the tough job of producing toned abs and a hard body Mario Lopez-style: with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

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