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From the beaches of Bondi, to the golden gay mile that is Oxford Street. The burbs of Brisbane to the Melbourne cafes - Gay Aussies are making their mark on the global scene. The Aussie flag isn't the only thing full of stars.

So much so, we thought we would bring you a list of some who are well worth keeping an eye out for. So wherever you are in our big gay world, you can check out the awesome talent from the land Down Under.


Zaine Fierce

Hailing from Sydney, Zaine originally coined the incredibly popular "Twink-Town" dance events in Australia - and now is taking Europe by storm as a performer and DJ, across major festivals, clubs and events. Zaine's loyal following in her "base camp" (or high camp) of Hamburg, Germany sees her travelling throughout West and East Europe, blazing a trail wherever she goes. We loved her sets over Berlin Pride at GMF in particular!

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Matt Dillon

Publicist to the very very fashionable, Aussie Matt Dillon is making a huge name for himself, and his faaaabulous clients in NYC and LA. From fashion launches to red carpets, from Fifth Avenue to Rodeo Drive, you will no doubt see Matt there, working the press and making his clients very happy. Recently Matt fronted the brand new anti homophobia awareness campaign with friend and client 'Real Housewives of New York' star, Aviva Drescher.

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Tabatha Coffey

TV personality, reality superstar and hair stylist, Tabatha serves up a mean dose of makeover to a huge television audience on several programs. Now based out of the USA, her reality empire is growing faster than you can snip a fringe.

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Bob Downe

Cabaret and polyester superstar, Bob is local suburban boy done good. From Edinburgh Festival to sold out solo shows - he has played on every stage imaginable and made crowds sing and laugh in a way never before seen. One of our true icons - make sure you get to see him if he comes to your neck of the woods.

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Damien Mancell

Just back in Oz from a club tour in Thailand of all places (he is huge in Asia!), Damien has released three killer dance tracks onto the charts in the past couple of years, and is set to release his full album soon, including new single DIAMOND. His work has been covered internationally in mainstream and gay publications, and we loved his single 'Shine' so much - we even used it as the backing for our Mardi Gras video coverage!

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DJ Kitty Glitter

DJ and DIVA-winning artiste, Kitty has spun tracks and headlined parties throughout America, Canada, and Asia. Just returning form a successful tour of Toronto, New York and Fire Island. One of the nicest kitties we know, she is loved throughout Australia and the world. If you haven't been to an event Kitty has played at, then do yourself a favour and check her out. She is a staple of the Sydney clubbing scene and has just signed a new monthly residency in Melbourne.

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Portia DeRossi

She is one of our most famous gays from the village. Mrs Degeneres is a slap dang "grouse" actress (look up the word, its aussie slang for fabulous LOL!) and has starred in countless tv and film productions. Cant really get any bigger - can ya?

Mitzi Macintosh

Originally hailing from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. She was the empress of the Imperial Hotel in Sydney - running the Priscilla show for what seemed like eons. A multi, multi multi DIVA award winner - but - with much fanfare packed up her bags, followed the love of her life to the UK and has hit the big time, with a new agent, appearances at some of the UK's hottest venues and more to come. We warned you London, Mitzi is the bomb - you will love her!

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Magda Szubanksi

She is the queen of Aussie comedy and has featured in international blockbuster films like 'Babe' and 'Kath & Kimderella' (as well as the 'Kath & Kim' TV series) and the 2013 release 'Goddess'. Her public coming out only recently made global headlines.

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Courtney Act

Australian Idol alumni, Courtney is jetting all over the globe with her one woman show at the moment. Based out of LA, Courtney is doing the rounds in Tinsel Town. With regular appearances at WeHo bars, she's building her name in the toughest global market.
With a talent like Courtney's it's not going to be long before she is kicking Nicole Kidmans butt on the silver screen - or is that the small screen? We hear birdies twittering lots of different rumours. All we can confirm is that she is drag-tastic!

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Sia Furler

What can we say about chart-topping juggernaut, Sia? She has written some of the worlds biggest hits for a variety of artists (like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, David Guetta, etc) and has forthcoming new compositions with Kylie & Britney Spears. Sia performs her own killer stuff too, and really is an Aussie gay icon on the world stage.

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Darren Hayes

Brissie boy Darren Hayes made his name as part of global chart toppers, Savage Garden, then went on to make it in his own right as one of the worlds most recognisable pop stars. With incredibly crafted tours, albums and fan interactions, Darren has sustained his presence all whilst being openly gay and an advocate for equality.

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BP Major

Ben Pauly is a sweetie pie. From Albury Hotel dancer to European reality pop star, to American pop star, Ben - aka - BP Major is up there doing the electro pop thing. With club tours throughout America, you can see him sing and sweat up a storm.

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Alex Taylor

OK, so Alex has been huge overseas for donkeys now - but this wouldn't be a list without including him! Ibiza and beyond, every club worth their salt has put him behind their decks - and he never disappoints. If you can't see him live, why not check out his podcasts, or killer remixes? Tasty to a T.

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Of course, there are more Aussies out on the world stage making a name for themselves. If you know of anyone else making an impact, why not pop a comment below and share them with us. You can even start a fan group for them here on Guidetogay!

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