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Is the new RuPaul doll worth $204.33aud?

She is an icon and a real queen for the ages, but the new RuPaul Doll that was shamelessly plugged on this weeks episode of Drag Race from Infinity Toys works out to be 204.33 aussie dohlahs, and thats before shipping.

She is magnificent in her barbie glory, but its apparent from the doll pix that her wig was not a "wigs by Vanity" - that hairline leaves a lot to be desired.

I wanted to buy one so I could go all "Just Jack" like he did with his Cher doll - but this breaks the bank...  between paying for tickets to drag race promoted gigs for all the gurls to this its starting to stretch the wallet thin.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sissy that credit card.

Ru's Doll includes:


  • 12.5-inch/1:6 scale, fully articulated, vinyl collectible doll, rooted hair and delicately hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Elaborate micro-sequined stage gown designed by Jason Wu;
  • Shoes;
  • Earrings;
  • Miniature RuPaul "chocolate" bar accessory;
  • Miniature "makeup" accessory set;
  • Miniature RuPaul "book" accessory
  • Pair of hands with long manicured nails (new hand sculpt!);
  • Alternate pair of grip hands (new hand sculpt!);
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.



Sashay you pay??? 





Everything that came out of the mouth of Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, with that fucking crazy rusted chainsaw voice of hers, was hysterical. But when she talked about getting sent videos of people “in’er-coursin’”. Guuuuurl! It was gold.

I thought Ru coming down on Asia was way harsh Tai. It was a rare moment of seeing him losing control, and it was clear there was some major transference happening that he could not get a grip on. I wish he’d handled Asia with a bit more compassion. She was really going through it and I don’t know that she needed to be put in her place for speaking up at that point. I found it hard to watch.


Eureka came as a Disney Princess. But where exactly do you go to get that much sky-blue polyester...?

Yuhua looked fucking amazing. Wednesday Addams meets corpse bride meets banshee bitch. With the purple and the face craters. I beg.

Did we all notice Aquaria’s homage to Monique in her outfit…?



Monet still going on about that fucking Sponge Dress. I beg for this bitch.

Asia and Cracker having their moment was lovely. Cracker was honest and upfront. Credit to Asia for owning it and admitting she was wrong to say what she said. And to Cracker for accepting the sincerity of that apology. Let go and let love, people. Let go and let love.

Monique came for Kameron, claiming her introspective nature was a strategy, which led to an all out slaughter of Kameron’s character right in front of the bitch. Ouch! I purposely don’t follow the girls on social media during the show so I don’t know, but the claim was she has all kinds of personality on Insta that she didn’t wanna show on screen. Was it all strategy? Or was it just her way of gettin’ through?

After spending what seemed like hours discussing just one queen, wasn’t it bracing to then suddenly segue into Dusty’s struggle with family and conversion therapy. I realised that I’d shamefully forgotten this fucking heartbreaking story, and it just made me feel shitty for being so invested in the infighting instead of the real shit people deal with and overcome. I mean, this queen...!!! You can’t see but right now I’m doing the Cracker clap where she bangs the bottom of her palms together with her nails out. Yeah, that. That’s what I’m doin’.


Was Mayhem Miller there? I can’t remember…

We got through race, religion and the politics of drag. There were tears, tell-alls and tough love. Is it just me or is RuPaul auditioning herself for an Oprah spot?


RuPaul's Drag Race SEASON 10 EPISODE 11 - EVIL TWINS

Evil twin Katrina Michaels – again with the basic names, but – her face was beat to perfection. I know she got read for it, but I ached for this look, with the orange forehead into the yellow, and the matching shimmer under the eye. It was so detailed and seamless and tribal glamour gorgeous.


Cheyenne Jackson is so fucking beautiful. If you haven’t seen his masturbation video DM me. It’s good.

Such an interesting concept to get competitors to not only admit to their insecurities, but to actually showcase them in order to win a challenge. It seems counterproductive, but it was actually fascinating. And gawd it would’ve been so anxiety inducing to have to do! There shoulda been Xanax on that Untucked cocktail table.

twins 1

Asia (about Cracker): A sewing machine should not have that much power over you.
Aquaria: Cheer when you pee clear.
Cracker (incredulously): Cheer when you pee clear???
Visage (to Ru): I’m the Serena to your Samantha.

Me, when I noticed that Kameron’s shoulder tattoos say ‘Carpe’ on one side and ‘Diem’ on the other. My eyes rolled so hard I think I may have done permanent damage.

Eureka’s ‘Cher from Clueless’ vs ‘Divine’ looks. Such fabulous references, brilliantly executed without being too much. Plus I love tartan on anything.


Is no one gonna talk about Asia O’Hara – an African American cross dresser – calling her evil twin North Korea? Rampant racism! This is Trump’s America.

Lena Dunham! With her blue hair and deep-v’d black gown, feathered and beaded to within an inch of her life. AND with a cape! AND with chandelier earrings! She looked like Liza Minnelli’s second cousin. I’ve seen her attend Emmy Awards with less thought. I mean, THIS was an effort made. THIS is how you should dress for Drag Race!


The Mini Challenge this week was to drag up pancakes. Are the producers that starved for both carbs and ideas?


Visage telling Aquaria she loved her mixing cheetah and ocelot print made me guffaw out loud cos all I could think was “Brown Cow. Stunning”.

Aquaria wins the challenge. And deservedly so. This was eleganza, this was fabulosity, this was thought, this was look; this was D-R-A-G, baby. And her thank you to Ru for letting her learn more about herself in the process. Can I get an amen?


Kameron Michaels vs Miz Cracker lip syncing to ‘Nasty Girl’ by Vanity 6:

This track was of course penned by Prince, and it’s about funky, sexy, nasty action. It can only be sung in negligees, black lipstick and 8-inch stiletto boots. So when it began playing I had doubts that these hos were gonna deliver.

Guuurl I was wrong!

They served the vim and the vigor, with more cartwheels and calisthenics than the Chinese gymnastics team. Cracker mixed in some signature comedy mugging, while Kameron busted out this oscillating leg move whilst on her back that I’m still trying to work out exactly how the laws of physics allowed her to do.


And let’s just take a minute to discuss Kameron Michaels onstage...

When Kameron performs she does something not all queens can do, and that’s completely own the number. She works her body, her rhythm, her face, her steps, her whole being into what the song she’s delivering requires. She instinctively knows the lyric and sells it. It’s something pretty special extraordinary to watch.

And so Ru announced her safe.

Which of course means Miz Cracker is out the door.

A huge upset, of course.

But that’s the game.



All of it. I mean, the makeover show is always a winner and this season’s was no exception. Easily my favourite episode of this year. So many great moments, so many funny one-liners, so many fabulous looks. This process, year after year, seems to bring out the best qualities in everyone participating. It’s like Queer Eye with the brightness turned up.

Okay, so finally I get why they’re bitching about Aquaria. She has a real lack of empathy for what the others are going through. That said, I still don’t see it as malicious, more just a lack of judgement. And again, she at least has the emotional intelligence to learn from her what she’s done and apologise when it’s needed. More than can be said for most.

Asia won the night for me. Her and America served up some fucking Janet Jackson Black Cat meets Madonna Express Yourself dragliciousness. And Asia in Untucked sitting there with her titties lovin’ herself sick in that weave was too much to bear. Werk bitch! I was deceased.

Just when you thought Kameron Michaels was the worst drag name you’ve ever heard: I give you, Kelly Michaels. I mean, seriously.

Did they drive Monet to the airport wearing a leopard onesie, a floral hat, glitter eyes and lashes, and that big old sponge dress to check in? Heaven!

Are we still using “proportionised”?


God it’s so tedious when those straight boys have to make a point of saying “my girlfriend” within the first 30 seconds of sitting down, right? We get it, Biff: You’re straight. Now shut up and tuck.

Asia: A bitch can’t even get a second chance around here without some salty ass ho tryin’a be making it about her.
Cracker: But I think if there’s anyone that could be an ambassador on what makes drag wonderful it’s me.
Kingsley: I started making videos cos I couldn’t find anyone around me that cared about, like, Britney.
Kelly Michaels to Kameron (on makeup room chatter): … they’re having so much fun, but you get to focus on being … diligent.
Monet (exiting): Cha-ching, motherfuckas! Cha-ching.

Cracker coming for Eufreka in Untucked was unnecessary. She was a lot more convincing than the Tracey Turnbladd wannabe you turned out.


Eureka and Eufreka looked like a fucking babooshka doll, popping out from behind. I was just waiting for one of the Little Women of LA to then pop out from behind them.

Anyone else ACHE for Ru’s look this week? That sequined/croc frock and the green to yellow eye was gagapalooza. I mean, that is some glamour right here. I don’t say this often but … **clenched teeth** … well done Raven.

Can someone please make a gif of Monet swingin’ her saggy-ass boobs and calling out “Titties! Titties!” ???

You’re all gonna come for me, but I did not think this was a deserving win. Sure, I thought Cracker did an amazing job on the looks, but on the runway Cookie was like a footballer in a dress, twerking and stomping. And all that preening just made me think of Jaymes Mansfield. I just did not get this at all. Cracker finally got her win though so good for her.

Kameron Michaels vs Monet X Change lip syncing to ‘Good Ass Hell’ by Lizzo:
I’ve never heard this song in my life, but I liked it a lot. I thought Monet would be all over this jam, but she didn’t seem as confident with the lyrics. I did love her leaving the stage moment and then coming back with a split leap slide to the front, but Ru just seemed confused by it.
Comparatively, Kameron lip sync’d THA FUCK outta this joint. She knew every word, every detail, every breath. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that quiet, considered Kameron is a beast onstage. It’s unnerving to see this mild mannered introvert turn on and own it.


I mean, there was no question.
Kameron shat the bed, but then lip sync’d for her life when it really mattered.

And I am devastated Monet is gone.
But here we are.

So we have a Top 5

This is turning out to be an unusual year.


RuPaul's Drag Race - RuCap Season 10 - Episode 9 - Breastworld

Stephen Colbert’s appearance on the workroom monitor was brown cow stunning. And his tongue pop GAVE ME LIFE!

It began for me last week and grew throughout this episode… I am becoming immune to the whims of Miz Cracker. I don’t think she’s as good as she thinks she is, and the facade is starting to show. Anyone else with me on this?

Can Miss Darcelle (the oldest drag queen in the world) get her own spin-off show please?


Aquaria’s reveal that she’s friends with Amanda Lepore AND THAT LEPORE DOES YOGA DAILY! What the actual fuck? Can you imagine her downward dog on the mat in front of you? Namaste bitches!

I’m sorry but I just don’t buy Aquaria as the ruthless, arrogant bitch they seem to be selling her as. I get she’s abrasive at times, but as far as twinks go she seems to me one of the more committed and genuinely interested. If her biggest fault is telling the others “Yeah I’m gonna win this thing” then I don’t get what their problem is, cos they’ve all said it at one time of another.

Visage needs to calm down on the eyeliner. Is Bianca painting her? She looks like someone gouged her eyeballs out.


Ru to Monet: I know you love that pussycat wig, but bitch you know that you need to wear some big-ass hair cos you got that big fat juicy ass!
Miz Cracker (trying to psych herself up on set): I will sell this house today!
Asia (discussing queens back home): Bitch these motherfuckin’ men in wigs in here really do care about me.
Ru (on Aquaria’s runway): For a 21-year old that IS her idea of what she’s gonna look like in 50 years.
Asia (to Eureka): I’m gonna hug yo neck!
Monet: Gurl, she don’t have no neck.

Sure, the drama’s been dialled down a bit now Vixen’s gone, but wasn’t it nice to watch Untucked and, for just 5 minutes, instead of intense confrontation have someone say “I love and respect you all” the way Eureka did?

I’m so over Ru perpetuating the “Beyonce Myth” that the women around her are inconsequential. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are amazing, and should not be referred to as “the other girls from Destiny’s Child”. And again I’d just like to point out that Michelle Williams – the so-called religious freak that now does gospel albums! – is the only DC member to have judged on Drag Race. At the very least she deserves a proper namedrop, RuPaul.

Eureka’s apricot shift dress and dolly pink blush in the BreastWorld video was too much for UHD TV to deal with. My flatscreen said “It doesn’t look like anything to me!” and then shut the fuck down.


The Mini Challenge matching the Pit Crew by their underwear… I mean, give me strength! That big ole Number 17 Joe Manganiello looky-likey gave this thirsty bitch all the feels. Cleanup in aisle five!


Cracker’s sister looks like Beanie Feldstein.

Asia got her second win and more power to her. She was fab as the rightwing nut-job character in BreastWorld. I personally don’t think Asia was better than Aquaria, but I also think Michelle Williams is better than Beyonce so what do I know?


Kameron Michaels vs Eureka O’Hara lip syncing to ‘New Attitude’ by Patti LaBelle:
I’d just like to preempt this by saying Patti LaBelle’s New Attitude is a song I have personally been lip syncing since I was 13 years old. In fact, just last week I was giving it a red hot go on the number 6 tram and everyone around me was living. So one of the all time greatest numbers deserves a truly great lip sync. And we got it!


Kameron fought hard to overcome that old lady makeover and come through, twisting and turning and miming up a storm. It was heaven!
But this was Eureka’s gig, lip syncing with a conviction she’s not shown before. She owned every kick, every point and every head-back-arm-extension- mouth open syllable. At one stage she did a death drop, and then did a 360 turn still in the splits, working like a compass in a geometry final. It was sublime!
In the end Ru sent no one home because it truly was a lip sync for your life. Everyone lives!
So, like Kameron and Eureka’s liver spots, all you Sweepsters stay put. For now…

And just for fun, here’s a picture of Meghan Markle gettin’ herses.
Happy Royal Wedding weekend everyone! XX



RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, Snatch Game Review

You just KNOW there was real sugar in those straws Eureka was sucking down as she did her Honey Boo Boo gig for Snatch Game. Whatever it was that was in there worked like a charm, so snaps for her. I mean, it’s a pretty dated reference, I honestly thought ‘this joke is gonna fall flat for sure’. But she was prepared, she made it hilarious, and it worked. And that’s how you do Snatch Game.

Monique arguing how creative she is while the 2 large pieces of sellotape holding her outfit onto her body are clearly visible. I mean, what can you even say to this bitch?

Bianca’s back! It was great to see her in this kinda role; funny, insightful, and giving bitches really important, well thought out advice. In the past, the critique for Snatch Game has been vague at best. This year, bitches were told ‘No’. And it worked, for the most part. For some, the advice was the difference between a hit and a miss.

Everyone (except Eureka, interestingly) said they would send The Vixen home. They gave various reasons why, but here’s the T: EVERYBODY HATES YOU, VIXEN! I mean, we can skate around it, or paint it up to look like something else, but how many other ways are there to say YOU’RE A CUNT AND NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!

Dear lord the mermaid runway was a shocker. A few well planned, more creative concepts came through – I’m looking at you Aquaria, and I thought Kameron did pretty well too – but all up it was a hot mess. And not having them ambulant was a terrible idea, though thankfully it has resulted in some wonderful GIFs.

Asia’s trout face. I don’t even know where to begin. Artistically, I thought it was a revelation. But to have to keep it on for the whole episode AND during the angst-ridden seriousness of Untucked made for some surreal and camp looking moments. When she had to say who she thought should go, and she said “The Brichkon”… Fuck I laughed.

I’m here to tell y’all, Audra McDonald talking her edges being snatched had me squealing into nearby throw cushions. This bitch has won more acting Tonys than any other person. She is a renowned Soprano, a new mother, a snappy dresser, and she’s currently killing it on The Good Fight (best show on television atm - available through CBS All Access Sunday nights). I live for her. She doesn’t need this show. She is like a million miles above this show. But here she is because she’s FABULOUS and she LOVES IT. And for her to give Aquaria notes on acting is like Freud being your psychotherapist. I mean, DIE.

The Vixen choosing Blue Ivy for Snatch Game was potentially the most amazing, laugh out loud moment of this season. It could have changed everything. But, of course she has no humour, so what could have been next level was simply her doing a baby voice. It was such a miss, and only amplified by the fact that it should have been the biggest hit.

Aquaria (as Melania): This is the first time Beyonce’s ever written for herself…
Visage (doing her best ‘Little Mermaid’ on Cracker’s runway): Whaddaya call em…? Tits!
The Vixen (to Ru after the lipsync): That’s one thing I learned from you Ru: That’s unless they’re payin’ yo bills, pay them bitches no mind.
Miz Cracker: Shabbat Shablamb!

Talking Asia out of doing the druggy element of Whitney Houston not only proved detrimental to her performance, but it was a truly gross indictment to how watered down this show has become. So disappointing. A complete embarrassment.

How much more of The Vixen do we have to endure? What a hateful, angry, empty narcissist she is presenting to the world. Watching her constantly undermine and bully Eureka goes against any kind of ‘for the people’ liberator she purports to be. To claim how frustrated she is by Eureka’s inability to change, after time and again pulling her “This is me! Don’t poke the bear! I won’t change for no one!” bullshit. What a fucking liberty! I mean, we are in new territory here, this bitch is borderline pathological. She’s a fucking Ryan Murphy real life American Horror Story. And here’s the other thing that bugs me: She’s not even very good! Her runway is average at best; she’s never funny or smart; her lipsyncs are messy and haphazard. I mean, at least with Phi Phi she was bringing something good to the party. Vixen honey, please pack up your bitter bags and get the fuck gone.

Aquaria got her second win. Hurrah! Her Melania was all kinds of genius. This kid is smarter and funnier than she gives herself credit for. That line about “this is why my husband doesn’t like China” and the whole intro with the “HELP ME!” Tiffany box. Sublime! And funny as fuck. She OWNED this week, from the library, to the Snatch Game, through to the runway, so it was great to see her rewarded.

The Vixen vs Monique Heart lipsyncing to ‘Cut To The Feeling’ by Carly Rae Jepsen:
Monique ripped off the bottom of her mermaid tail – like literally ripped cos she doesn’t know how to put together a velcro tearaway – and little pearls rolled everywhere and I thought ‘Lord it’s on! We’re about to have a genuine Showgirls moment with the slipping onstage nonsense’. But no.

The Vixen, once again, was unfettered and sloppy, rollin’ and jumpin’ and carryin’ on. But, once again, she worked the energy like a beast. AND she knew the words.
Monique didn’t know the words.

I mean, fuck! HOW did this happen? We NEEDED you this week, bitch.
And it begs the question: How long are they given to learn a song? I always thought they’re given a list of potential ‘Lipsync For Your Life’ songs to learn at the start of their season, so that no one is left completely in the dark. If so, then why would Monique be so disastrously unprepared?

This was a very, very disappointing outcome.



PROUDEST MARY Asia’s Dandelion look was spec-fucking-tacular. Campy and fun and beautiful and strange. Who hears ‘Hat Week’ and then turns it out with some Pollination realness? Asia O’Hara does, that’s who.
LAZIEST SUSAN It takes a special kind of self-delusion to throw together a sequinned lounge-suit last minute and then sit there in Untucked, throwing back Absolut and soda, bitching about how she should’ve won the night. But Monique went there. Then she announced how she’d held back in the Maxi Challenge so her teammates could shine. Oooh bitch!
IT AIN’T WHATCHU WEAR! The Vixen’s runway look was just the worst. All sloppy construction and bad proportions and unfinished details. Ugh. I just can’t with this outfit! And you saw her all episode painting that thing in the background like she was Michel-fuckin’-angelo. If Carson was there he would’ve read her to filth.
IT’S HOOOW YOU WEAR IT! Seeing my future ex-husband Bryce Eilenberg - aka Hot Ginger Pit Crew Guy - getting gradually dragged up throughout the episode was equal parts fascinating and delicious. And made me realise once and for all that yeah, he really is straight.
LIVING FOR… The Body panel - Eureka, Monet & Kameron - who won the Maxi Challenge this week. What a fabulous array of drag, in all shapes and sizes. They were prepared, they were camp, they were charming. Sure, the “proportionising” gig wore a little bit thin, but at least they put thought into a buzzword and how important it is to branding. I’m just praying “proportionising” doesn’t become the new hot meme.
SURPRISE SURPRISE! Cracker’s energy was low and her charm waned in the Maxi Challenge, but it was still a shock to see her in the bottom 3. But I gotta say, like a Chi Chi LaRue orgy scene, the tops earned their place this week and the bottoms clearly earned theirs.
BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS That Sitting On A Secret Mini Challenge was hilarious, getting queens to sit on a fax machine and an eggplant and a fucking porkchop. Could this just be a whole show: Blindfolded celebrities sit on top of random items? Latrice could host.
FROSTY TIPS Team Hair – Miz Cracker, Blair & The Vixen – did a pretty bad job. They went and did that thing Ru specifically warned them not to, ie. make it joyous and don’t get too technical. For me it felt as though it was edited it to look much worse than it was. I mean, WHY would Ross and Ru be side-eyeing over some harmless queeny shade like it was the worst thing ever? It wasn’t even that vicious. That said, their group was the least engaging, no question.


  • Monet on Cracker: The Susan Lucci of season 10…
  • Monet: Usher is out here givin’ people the drip-drip, you gotta be careful!
  • Monique: I came to this competition with glitter and Jesus! And bitch I’m makin’ it work. Okay?
  • (Asia takes an eyelash off) Visage under her breath: C’mon Patti LaBelle!
  • I swear at one stage during the panel Asia quoted Sally Field from Steel Magnolias without even realizing (“Never be afraid to try a new look…”).


SHADIEST LADY Kumail Nanjiani is so hot, so funny and so clever. If you don’t follow him on Twitter you should do so immediately. And his commentary throughout the runway was hysterical. So much fun to hear a camp straight Indian dude giving runway shade. Werk bitch!
WAIT. WHAT? Blair’s moment was an honest-to-god heartbreaker, especially as she introduced the story with, “I urge to find daintiness because I feel dirty sometimes,” before revealing she’d been the victim of a college party rape. Whoa Nelly! Did anyone else just hear the “dun-dun” from Law & Order: SVU? Jokes aside, it was such a shock and at the same time made perfect sense, in so much as her concealing the pain by trying to make everything around her happy and beautiful. Just as telling was watching The Vixen respond to Blair’s revelation, cos it was like she finally understood Blair a little more too. The whole thing was reiterated in Untucked, and it was fabulous to see Vixen talk up Blair and put her passion and tenacity into something positive. I think I get this bitch a bit more now.
REALLY REAL Monet’s story about not being out to her parents and still lying to them about who she is and what she does was fascinating. She’s so steeped in the drag world, she’s often referred to by the others as one of NY’s funniest queens, she talks and acts and prances like a drag queen. It’d be hard to imagine those close to her not realising. And I wonder, on some level, if it explains why she’s hasn’t quite been ‘next level’ in this competition yet.
YOU’RE A WINNER BABY… So happy to see Monet in the top 3. You could feel the relief dripping off her like sweat and the confidence finally coming back. Can I get a amen up in here?
But of course it was Eureka’s night, getting her second win for this season. And y’know what? – she earned this one even more than last week. I’m just gonna put it out there guys: could this be Eureka’s year?
BYEEEEEEE… The Vixen X Blair St Clair lipsyncing to ‘I’m Coming Out’ by Diana Ross: The Vixen was working hard, but it was still a little basic and unmeasured for my liking. She had a shoe dangling off and that hat dress was all over the place. She did a forward roll like it was Yr 7 gym class and someone actually cheered. FOR A FORWARD ROLL! BUT what she did bring was sass and energy, which Blair sadly didn’t have in her. And where Blair sold it as indignant, The Vixen brought joy, and that’s what ‘I’m Coming Out’ is really all about.
So it was Blair St Clair who sashayed away. Watching Blair leave at the end of Untucked, knowing what he’s endured, with no makeup on his little kid face, was a genuinely heartbreaking moment.

Season 10, Episode 3 - Tap that App.

Monet and the sponge dress. She is loving herself sick over that sponge dress. For reals though. Does she just carry those bits of sponge around with her, tucked under her wig or something?

Oh no - is Mayhem a look queen only? I thought she had more moxey and pizzazz, but in the App challenge she was all “I dunno…” and they walked all over her. Maybe it was a one-off, maybe she’ll learn from it. Her comments in Untucked seemed to suggest so. Step that pussy UP gurl.

- Visage on Yuhua’s runway: The look was just like hairy Dalmatian with HPV.
- Monique: Asia isn’t feeling the concept. She like ‘guuurl’, and when another drag queen goes ‘guuurl’ you know it ain’t good…
- Monique (again): America, let the facts be the facts: The Vixen handed Aquaria her ass in a gift bag. Gift wrapped. There you go. Merry Christmas.
- Monique (AGAIN) on Mayhem’s apathy: Girl you better deliver cos if I’m in the bottom two because of you I’m cuttin’ up all your wigs. All of ‘em.
- Monique (AGAAAAIN!) in Untucked: I just hope some bitches … better not throw me under the bus cos they gettin’ an UNGODLY phone call. And I’m gonna record it and then I’m gonna put the bitch on YouTube.
- The entire cast not aware yet the internet sensation that has evolved: Vanjiiiie… Vanjiiie… Vanjiiiie….

All that Fresh Off The Bus Drag stuff was so much fun!
The Vixen being a dog, barking how good the chocolate is. Hysterical!
Blair St Clair feverishly tapping with those Raquel Welsh pigtails and Peter Pan collar. Everything!
And Monet dancing an Irish jig. I fucking LIVE.
But I lost my shit over Miz Cracker saying “I taste like your best afternoon… April 24th”. For those that don’t know, this is an obscure Streisand reference - look it up! - and now I’m more obsessed with Cracker than ever.

Well, I did ask for more race stuff… **awkward laugh**
I’m not gonna say too much here, as I’m sure it’ll be hotly debated within the group, but my heart kinda broke for Aquaria. Yeah she’s made her own bed, but fuck – she had Dusty come for her, Monique come for her, Cracker sort of come for her, and of course The Vixen come for her, all at once, and then when it finally broke her she had to deal with the most unsympathetic, dismissive response – how much does bitch have to take?

Yuhua. Just everything Yuhua.
She’s there suggesting new names for the Madam Buttrface app, not even realising it’s in fact the funniest app name of the three.
She had to be told how to do ugly drag, and she still didn’t get it..
She’s about as funny as a malignancy, but gets all shitty and defensive when her teammates try to gently critique her.
THEN THE BITCH gets on the runway and claims she wanted to put on an ugly nose but “my teammates said no, so I didn’t put it on…”
Ummm that’s a fucking bold-faced lie. THAT’S FAKE FUCKING NEWS! You are the Cambridge Analytica quiz of this season.
Why is there even a lip sync this week? Just send this bitch home?

Blair St Clair coming out as a … as a … as a CHRISTIAN. **sob**
It’s like when Beyonce thanks god at the Grammys where she’s just been awarded for the song she wrote about giving blowjobs. I just … I don’t get it.

Dusty’s story, talking about the dysfunctional relationship with his parents, and getting exorcised and made to attend fucking pray the gay away therapy. This sort of story never fails to upset me. It’s atrocious. People are the worst. This queen is amazing! His parents should thank their stupid god that they have this great, creative, funny, wonderful talent, and not some dumb Christian cookie-cutter who believes god gives out awards for songs about blowjobs.
Of course, now he has a beautiful fiancé and a fabulous road ahead. Fuck off anti-gays. You’re time is so over. As Latrice would say, EAT IT.

That ginger Pit Crew guy… I mean, I just can’t cope!
He’s sitting there in his tighty dayglo undies, all laid back and sexy like whatever bitch I got time, and you guys I seriously haven’t had sex in like FOR. EVER. and something’s just GOT TO GIVE OKAY???? **passes out**

Courtney Love needed subtitles. I couldn’t understand a single word. Did she have a stroke? Seriously. Was that Bell’s Palsy? She sounded like those clips of Judy Garland drunk on a late night talkshows in the 60s.

Ohmygod did y’all see Eureka’s facecrack when Asia won the week? Hahaha.
Asia did well in the Maxi, and that Tweety Bird look for the Feather runway was INSPIRED. Camp, comical, glamorous, fabulous. DIE! She earned her win this week.
That said, I begged for Monique this week. The detail in her feather cape, all that white and gold, so beautifully constructed. She looked like some kind of mythical creature come to life. And all of her cutaways were hysterical, and her self-directing wearing those big stupid beanbag titties… I was floored!

Mayhem vs Yuhua lipsyncing to ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole:
What a GREAT track for a drag number!
Yuhua looked out of place – like Britney covering I Love Rock’n’Roll; no you don’t! – while Mayhem gave it attitude and anger. In the end Mayhem was tearing off her feathers, malting all over the runway, and it was ART. Unleash!

So Yuhua went home.


Ten's Ten's Ten's across the board - Drag Race season 10

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It's back baby! As quick as you can delete a negative social media post from a 16 year old girl, the All Stars Season 3 controversy is swept under the carpet and floor launched into the world's pop culture psyche within a week.

Mother Ru is fresh from receiving her star on the Hollywood walk of Fame thanks to the legend that is Jane Fonda - and even with that career defining moment - Ru's own cage was rattled thanks to some comments made about Trans performers and Drag Race - which was quickly squashed, explained and apologised for by RuPaul and brought to task by amazing folks like Peppermint... at least it has started a conversation on the issue and should not be more than an exercise in growth, loving your fellow humans and celebrating all forms of drag and performance art.

But back to Season 10. The snippet of the first episode has been released and we are GAGGING over it. Sooo many New York City Queens are in this season, along with some real superstars of the pageant circuit and some states in the USA that have never before been represented!

Drag Race is on VH1 in the USA,  STAN in Australia and WOWPresents+ in other territories.

Check out the teaser below!




RuPaul announces he is married - to an Aussie

After years of being together, icon RuPaul and his Aussie rancher have finally tied the knot.

“We never wanted to do it,” Ru added. “We were looking into for tax breaks and for financial things.”

Australian's still live under a repressive and unequal system where their relationships are not recognised, so join the campaign for equality

Check out his big RuVeal in the clip below.

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