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RuPaul's Drag Race SEASON 10 EPISODE 11 - EVIL TWINS

Evil twin Katrina Michaels – again with the basic names, but – her face was beat to perfection. I know she got read for it, but I ached for this look, with the orange forehead into the yellow, and the matching shimmer under the eye. It was so detailed and seamless and tribal glamour gorgeous.


Cheyenne Jackson is so fucking beautiful. If you haven’t seen his masturbation video DM me. It’s good.

Such an interesting concept to get competitors to not only admit to their insecurities, but to actually showcase them in order to win a challenge. It seems counterproductive, but it was actually fascinating. And gawd it would’ve been so anxiety inducing to have to do! There shoulda been Xanax on that Untucked cocktail table.

twins 1

Asia (about Cracker): A sewing machine should not have that much power over you.
Aquaria: Cheer when you pee clear.
Cracker (incredulously): Cheer when you pee clear???
Visage (to Ru): I’m the Serena to your Samantha.

Me, when I noticed that Kameron’s shoulder tattoos say ‘Carpe’ on one side and ‘Diem’ on the other. My eyes rolled so hard I think I may have done permanent damage.

Eureka’s ‘Cher from Clueless’ vs ‘Divine’ looks. Such fabulous references, brilliantly executed without being too much. Plus I love tartan on anything.


Is no one gonna talk about Asia O’Hara – an African American cross dresser – calling her evil twin North Korea? Rampant racism! This is Trump’s America.

Lena Dunham! With her blue hair and deep-v’d black gown, feathered and beaded to within an inch of her life. AND with a cape! AND with chandelier earrings! She looked like Liza Minnelli’s second cousin. I’ve seen her attend Emmy Awards with less thought. I mean, THIS was an effort made. THIS is how you should dress for Drag Race!


The Mini Challenge this week was to drag up pancakes. Are the producers that starved for both carbs and ideas?


Visage telling Aquaria she loved her mixing cheetah and ocelot print made me guffaw out loud cos all I could think was “Brown Cow. Stunning”.

Aquaria wins the challenge. And deservedly so. This was eleganza, this was fabulosity, this was thought, this was look; this was D-R-A-G, baby. And her thank you to Ru for letting her learn more about herself in the process. Can I get an amen?


Kameron Michaels vs Miz Cracker lip syncing to ‘Nasty Girl’ by Vanity 6:

This track was of course penned by Prince, and it’s about funky, sexy, nasty action. It can only be sung in negligees, black lipstick and 8-inch stiletto boots. So when it began playing I had doubts that these hos were gonna deliver.

Guuurl I was wrong!

They served the vim and the vigor, with more cartwheels and calisthenics than the Chinese gymnastics team. Cracker mixed in some signature comedy mugging, while Kameron busted out this oscillating leg move whilst on her back that I’m still trying to work out exactly how the laws of physics allowed her to do.


And let’s just take a minute to discuss Kameron Michaels onstage...

When Kameron performs she does something not all queens can do, and that’s completely own the number. She works her body, her rhythm, her face, her steps, her whole being into what the song she’s delivering requires. She instinctively knows the lyric and sells it. It’s something pretty special extraordinary to watch.

And so Ru announced her safe.

Which of course means Miz Cracker is out the door.

A huge upset, of course.

But that’s the game.

Tony Hamlyn

Tony is one of the most prolific pop culture writers on the planet - his unique and humorous take on all things camp, fierce and fabulous leave us wanting more - his debut articles for started with Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Tony lives in Melbourne Australia and is partial to a ginger-headed man.

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