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  • Written by Thom

Just quietly, Melbourne RULES! Such an amazing city – the food, the fashion and of course: the men!! As you know we ventured down south for Eddie’s birthday and what a weekend it was! The best weekend I’ve had since I was in Europe earlier this year. Needless to say, the Man Ban was blown out of the water!

As a general rule, the people in Melbourne are way nicer than the general population of Sydney; more down to Earth, less manic, better sense of style and much easier to get along with. This, along with our constant state of drunkenness, set the weekend up as one to be remembered (as much as possible anyway!)

Straight skinny, gay fat...

  • Written by Thom

Ah the gym. Or as I like to call it: Gay Church. A place to go to repent from your sins (carbs & booze) and worship (hot bodies and bulging packages muscles). Like most gays I have a love/hate relationship with the gym – I love going, I hate not going. I love that feeling after an epic workout: the sense of accomplishment, endorphins charging, blood pumping and a weird little smile on your face. Sounds a lot like the feeling after some great sex. Only thing is we’re talking about different muscles!

Here we go...

  • Written by Thom

I guess I should explain the title of my blog. For those gays and fag hags out there who are familiar with the iPhone app, Grindr, you’ll be up to speed on the common style of profile on Grindr – a picture of a headless torso grasping an iPhone standing in front of a mirror with abs and biceps in full flex (hot, right!?) The accompanying bio will generally read something like this: “gym fit, masc and straight acting after same for NSA fun, maybe more...”