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It’s especially fun when you’ve met someone on Grindr and they say, “add me on FB if you want…” Yes please!

I’m not sure if I’m just a freak or if there are others out there like me, but I can become obsessive about following someone’s online life. If I like someone, I can check their profile hundreds of times a day just to check if anything else has changed. Who’s status did they comment on? Where have they just checked-in and who are they with? Who’s this ‘Josh What’s-his-face’ that he’s just become friends with? Why is this other guy commenting on my potential future husband’s status?

OK, so I am a freak… but when someone’s online life is just as active as their physical one, it can be highly addictive to keep tabs on them. Especially given the fact that now the lines between one’s offline and online lives have blurred. People check-in online to a place they are at physically, tagging people they are friends with both online and off.

If I’m honest, I think it actually comes down to jealousy… Why are they interacting with those people and not me? It almost becomes a weird form of control; if you can keep tabs on that person there is a sense of ownership over that person. God, I sound like a freak. But I don’t think I’m the only person who feels this way. The minute they add new photos or check-in somewhere, there is a sense that you are sort of part of it and in some weird way, they are including you in their life.

I suppose it goes too far when you start trawling through their friend’s profiles, especially if they don’t have a private profile – fools! Trying to find out something extra about them, something that might not be on their profile. Again, it becomes addictive, searching, searching for your next hit of content. A photo you haven’t seen before, a comment you’ve yet to read…

The whole processes for me usually lasts a week before I get bored of them and move on to my next Facestalking target or that person actually just becomes a friend (story of my life!)

Until now, I’ve never really thought about the fact that some people might be Facestalking me. Every thought that runs through my head is basically converted into a status update. Because of the industry I work in, I’m required to use many forms of communication – both in the traditional sense and in terms of new media. At any one time during the day I’ll be on email, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, the phone, text messaging and, of course, on Grindr. Talk about multi-tasking! If anyone was really interested they could find out everything there was to know about my in a good 20 minutes. If someone stole my iPhone they could look through my iCal and know where I was and what I was doing at any minute of the day.
Now there’s a scary thought…

I guess if it doesn’t turn into a Single White Female situation, it’s fairly harmless. Gone are the days of people living only in the physical world; most people have embraced the social media revolution and it’s here to stay. I’m just hoping that one day someone will be more interested in me as a person and not where I checked-in last or the latest round of photos where I’m off my face at Arq…