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Recently I was lunching with my ladies at The Winery and the topic of foreskin came up… because I bought it up. I had spoken at length to Eddie and Jarrod about foreskin – both of them prefer a tidy workspace – and a lot of other gays I know prefer cut guys as well. I wanted to get an insight into what the straight female perspective is. I was quite surprised at one of the answers, “what’s the difference?” Oh, girl…

The general consensus among the girls was that they couldn’t care less. A dick was a dick. What mattered more was that the person attached to the dick was not a dick. Interesting… The straight girls didn’t care, but the gay boys did.

I was recently getting down to business with a guy when he commented, “oh you have a foreskin”.

“Yeah… is that a problem?”

“I just usually date guys who are cut… but I’ll make an exception for you”

“Gee… thanks. That’s really kind of you”

Needless to say, that ain’t going anywhere fast…

I’ll be honest. I love my foreskin. All the guys I know (gay or straight) who are uncut love theirs too. For one, it’s much easier when you’re going solo as it lubes itself and the area is generally more sensitive (in a good way) than that of guys who’ve had the chop. So it could be argued that uncircumcised boys have better orgasms. I can only speak for myself and I am one happy little camper.

I’ve noticed in my lengthy market research around this topic that generally boys who are cut prefer the same and guys who are uncircumcised, similarly, prefer the same. Is it because they know which buttons to push, is it all about aesthetics or is it something else?

Eddie was recently hooking up with a guy who was uncut (doomed from the beginning, but hey – who am I to ruin his fun?) After a few dates, it was time to get ‘down’ to business. Eddie was soon confronted with what resembled an anteater and as it grew began to look like what he called a “Bam Bam hitting stick”. You know that thing Bam Bam carries around on The Flinstones? He couldn’t even bring himself to put it in his mouth. Poor guy, but at least he gave it a go! Safe to say he’ll be sticking to his own kind from now on…

Now one thing that does come up in this conversation is the issue of cleanliness. Yes, we’re talkin’ smegma. Look, I agree – it’s not a cheese factory down there and we’re not trying to cultivate anything. It’s probably more important for uncut guys to pay particular attention to that region when showering. Because there is a layer of skin present, it’s naturally more moist (I really hate word but it makes me giggle), the glands in the skin produces more oils which can get trapped if not cleaned and voila – smegma. Some studies suggest that circumcision can help prevent the transition of certain STIs. But boys, just wash your tool. A clean dick is a happy dick… Because it’s more likely to find action!

Just like all vaginas aren’t going to be works of art, neither are cocks. I guess guys who are uncut are more open to the idea that cocks come in all shapes and sizes. Having said that, being cut and being closed minded are mutually exclusive; it just seems in this blogger’s experience that when it comes to foreskin, guys who are cut find the whole thing a lot harder to swallow.