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We Were Drag Raped!

  • Written by Lisa McMahon
  • Category: Lisa McMahon

The last thing the Guide to Gay Lesparazzi Team was expecting at Stonewall Sydney for the International Drag Day festivities was to be totally molested by an over excited baby drag queen.

But let’s step back in time a few hours and give some props to the girls who worked the room…

The cutest little ladyboys were there, you know who I mean Little Miss Babycakes* and her consort Pageant Princess of the Sea. I was able to pose you like I do my Barbie collection.

Then there was our little Lady Blue. You sure channeled Katrina Darrell A.K.A. “Bikini Girl” from the last season of American Idol. There wasn’t a second when you weren’t giving great face. Our other blue beauty for the night was a sliver clad Winter Ice Queen with the tightest buns and the best blue tresses since Ms Marge Simpson, the infamous globe trotting "Millennia".
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