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Oprah Cancels Rosie

  • Published in TV

Oprah Winfrey's OWN network is dropping one of it's best shows, "The Rosie Show" after only five months on the air. Hosted by Rosie O'Donnell, the show was among many new faces and programs on Oprah's new network.

With guests like Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler and others - it was one of the bigger shows on the network - taking over the old mainstage at Harpo Studios - where the original Oprah Show was produced.

The show premiered in October to about 500,000 viewers but lost about half that audience within days of its debut.

Recently, it changed the format from taping before a studio audience to a one-on-one interview setting with celebrities - which was an amazing viewing experience.

In a statement released by OWN, Winfrey thanked O'Donnell. She called O'Donnell "an incredible partner" who worked to put on the best show "every single day."

O'Donnell also was quoted as saying she loved working with Winfrey and in Chicago and "wished" the show had better ratings.

It's not the only show on the network that has had issues, with the entire network only increasing in the ratings since Oprah herself has returned to the air in a big way.

The final episode of the Rosie Show will air March 30.

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