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The Phantom Mardi Gras Hunk

Was it just pre parade delusion? Was i having a mental breakdown - or did a gorgeous boy talk dirty things in my ear asking why i was "filming the speedo clad asses' and 'what was i going to do with that microphone!' - as i was trying to set up a shot with the Lifesavers with Pride?

Noone from the team was around - JP was taking secondary shots, Lisa was wrangling the lifesavers to get them into position, but i swear - a man many photographer would have snapped a million shots of appeared and disappeared just as quickly as i stood there in the Marshalling Area of the Mardi Gras Parade...

Was it the slight compound psychosis of wanting to capture the best Mardi Gras footage to date, or was he actually a real person? Why am I even writing about it? Cos i know my team, i know alot of the pther photographers around town and NO ONE seemed to flinch or dive for their camera.... so was this guy actually even real?

Just shirtless, abs to kill for, and blue jeans… kick ass smile and a filthy mouth - the perfect Mardi Gras illusion?  lol

No photographic evidence of this person exists, and the the crew think I am insane - so the call goes out - if you are real - you asked where we were from - so you may read this -- my sanity depends on it, maybe you will be going to Mardi Gras party and you can appear again and proove i am not going nuts - i know the rest of the team would "LOVE" to meet you!

Did this happen to anyone else? Ghost? Spirit? Delusion? Will this 'phantom' appear next year in the marshalling area? Is this the start of a new Mardi Gras Legend?


Photo: Rob & Lisa up at the BGF Reserved Seating at the 2010 Mardi Gras Parade. Shot by


UPDATE! (28th March 2010)

We knew we would eventually find the phantom :)  here he is in the Lifesavers With Pride DVD teaser (which you can order via their website!)

you can check out the teaser below!  Thanks to the LWP for finally making me sane again!!!  lol The DVD is also now onsale to raise funds for the parade groups entry, so check it out and grab a copy!

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