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A Gay Man’s Guide to Dressing for a Job Interview

  • Written by  Peter Minkoff
  • Published in For The Boys

There’s really no simple answer to the question of what to wear to an interview. While some try to come up with different rules on what goes together and what clothes boost your confidence, other people argue that you should always turn to choices that make you feel comfortable. Be that as it may, there are certain things you need to worry about, such as being professional and choosing clothes that will tell the employer just who you are and how you approach business in general.
When you’re gay, choosing what clothes to wear to a job interview might be a bit more challenging. What if you want to wear something unusual and you think that the employer will not get it? What if you want to rock your gender-neutral style – is that ok? Take a look at this guide to tell you exactly what you need to know for your next job interview. And when you get it, the drinks are on you!

Gender and color-neutral
One of the most popular trends right now is rocking that gender-neutral fashion, and it’s of the utmost importance that you encourage this in every situation. But even so, you have to pay attention to certain norms and come off as a professional individual. The first thing you need to know here is that it’s always best to stick to a neutral color palette. Different career coaches say that the best colors to stick with are black, brown, navy, white or gray, so choose one. No matter how striking your style in general is, this is not the time to show them all of your colors. Moreover, since most interviews require smart dressing, make sure to have pants and a blazer - get them tailored to work for your body type. Apart from looking amazing, wearing clothes that fit you perfectly can only boost your confidence.

Pay attention to the accessories

Employees don’t really play fashion police with their candidates, but first impressions do matter. Since nowadays the competition can be pretty tough, what you want to do is differentiate yourself from the crowd, and you can do this by carefully choosing the accessories for your combination. The first rule is never to overdo it – you can always go with a nice watch that will make your combination more pro, and perhaps a ring or two if that’s the general style you’re rocking. However, having a bag might break your look, and it would be a shame to have this happen only because of the mobile phone and the wallet that you will take with you. That’s why it would be a great idea to go with a men’s card holder – an exquisite way of bringing the cards with you, and still make them fit in your pocket. On top of that all, this looks hella professional and elegant, so you’ll probably get some bonus points for thinking outside of the box – a characteristic that the HR department might put some value on.

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What about the details?
One of the things most of us, regardless of the sexual orientation forget, are the details that break every outfit combination. And since we’re gay and thus more fashion-conscious than everyone else (generally speaking), pay close attention to the following. First and foremost, make sure that your combination is wrinkle-free. Put yourself in the shoes of the HR department – what would you think of a person coming to a job interview wrinkled? Apart from that, use deodorant and go for your signature cologne or perfume that tells a lot about you. Do not mix the summer and winter scents – this can cause a counter-effect. Finally, if you’re wearing any type of makeup, go with neutral colors. This will show how professional you can be while still maintaining that essence of you.

No rules are set in stone, but you want to come off as someone who’s respectful, hard-working, and confident. Choosing clothes you like but keeping it neutral and not flamboyant on the first interview can do a lot for you. After all, you can always ask your friends for their two cents. Good luck!

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