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Jake rips up for new movie role

Brokeback Mountain star, Jake Gyllenhaal is giving you lean mean movie body...

All for his upcoming role in the boxing flick Southpaw.

Jake Gyllenhaal won fans for his dedication and commitment in losing 25 pounds to play the sociopathic nocturnal adrenaline junkie and camera man Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler. He’s remade himself in a whole different physical fashion to play a championship prize fighter next year in Southpaw, and I’m betting it will have Gyllenhaal in the conversation with past actors who’ve trained to turn in memorable ring performances, a list that includes Raging Bull’s Robert De Niro, The Boxer‘s Daniel Day-Lewis, The Fighter‘s Mark Wahlberg and The Hurricane’s Denzel Washington.

Before and after gives you an idea of the effort this guy has gone too so he can play the part.

Southpaw is due in theaters in 2015.
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