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A Gay Man’s Guide to Dressing for a Job Interview

There’s really no simple answer to the question of what to wear to an interview. While some try to come up with different rules on what goes together and what clothes boost your confidence, other people argue that you should always turn to choices that make you feel comfortable. Be that as it may, there are certain things you need to worry about, such as being professional and choosing clothes that will tell the employer just who you are and how you approach business in general.
When you’re gay, choosing what clothes to wear to a job interview might be a bit more challenging. What if you want to wear something unusual and you think that the employer will not get it? What if you want to rock your gender-neutral style – is that ok? Take a look at this guide to tell you exactly what you need to know for your next job interview. And when you get it, the drinks are on you!

Gender and color-neutral
One of the most popular trends right now is rocking that gender-neutral fashion, and it’s of the utmost importance that you encourage this in every situation. But even so, you have to pay attention to certain norms and come off as a professional individual. The first thing you need to know here is that it’s always best to stick to a neutral color palette. Different career coaches say that the best colors to stick with are black, brown, navy, white or gray, so choose one. No matter how striking your style in general is, this is not the time to show them all of your colors. Moreover, since most interviews require smart dressing, make sure to have pants and a blazer - get them tailored to work for your body type. Apart from looking amazing, wearing clothes that fit you perfectly can only boost your confidence.

Pay attention to the accessories

Employees don’t really play fashion police with their candidates, but first impressions do matter. Since nowadays the competition can be pretty tough, what you want to do is differentiate yourself from the crowd, and you can do this by carefully choosing the accessories for your combination. The first rule is never to overdo it – you can always go with a nice watch that will make your combination more pro, and perhaps a ring or two if that’s the general style you’re rocking. However, having a bag might break your look, and it would be a shame to have this happen only because of the mobile phone and the wallet that you will take with you. That’s why it would be a great idea to go with a men’s card holder – an exquisite way of bringing the cards with you, and still make them fit in your pocket. On top of that all, this looks hella professional and elegant, so you’ll probably get some bonus points for thinking outside of the box – a characteristic that the HR department might put some value on.

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What about the details?
One of the things most of us, regardless of the sexual orientation forget, are the details that break every outfit combination. And since we’re gay and thus more fashion-conscious than everyone else (generally speaking), pay close attention to the following. First and foremost, make sure that your combination is wrinkle-free. Put yourself in the shoes of the HR department – what would you think of a person coming to a job interview wrinkled? Apart from that, use deodorant and go for your signature cologne or perfume that tells a lot about you. Do not mix the summer and winter scents – this can cause a counter-effect. Finally, if you’re wearing any type of makeup, go with neutral colors. This will show how professional you can be while still maintaining that essence of you.

No rules are set in stone, but you want to come off as someone who’s respectful, hard-working, and confident. Choosing clothes you like but keeping it neutral and not flamboyant on the first interview can do a lot for you. After all, you can always ask your friends for their two cents. Good luck!


5 Sex Tips for Every 20-Something Gay Guy Out There

Yes, we are all so self-confident that we really do think we don’t need any advice. But, if you actually took a couple of minutes anytime you saw an article on that topic, you would be three times a lover you are now. So, without further ado take a look at this list of five most important sex tips for every 20-something gay guy out there. It doesn’t matter if you just came out or you’ve been out of the closet for a long time, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re a top or a bottom, these tips might help you more than you think. If you’re a heterosexual and still reading this – take a look, you might learn something you haven’t known before:

Keep it clean and safe
The most important tip ever is to keep yourself clean, as not many of us like it THAT dirty. No matter whether you give or receive, regular hygiene is a must, and not only for a gay guy. Wouldn’t you like to rim or give head to something spotless? That’s right. Another thing that you should always have in mind is to practice safe sex. Recent studies have shown that there is an increasing number of HIV positive gay guys among the African-American and Latino community, so practicing safe sex, even if you don’t like it, is definitely something you should do. However, if you’re really not into that – take your partner and go get yourselves tested. It’s not expensive and it will only take a couple of minutes.

What that mouth do (part 1)
No, we’re not talking about oral sex (yet). One of the best sex weapons out there is definitely your tongue and the power of words. During foreplay and sex, it is very important that you speak. Don’t make a mistake though, we’re not talking about regular conversation here. Tell your partner everything you want him to do to you, or the nasty things you want to do to him. This will definitely enhance the sexual satisfaction for the both of you. If you accept this tip and do that mouth magic while you’re hopping up and down, your partner will definitely be very grateful.

Make your partner relax
There’s nothing more annoying than telling someone to calm down when they’re upset. Here, things are no different: if your partner is experiencing pain (that is if he’s new to gay sex), telling him to relax is just not enough. This is what foreplay is there for: take your time to make your partner comfortable – talk, cuddle, kiss. Once you’re naked, take your tongue downtown to calm the muscles down there. Rimming your partner a bit if he’s about to receive your package will do the trick. Also, use your favourite lube to make the sex smell nice and more comfortable an enjoyable for the both of you.

Thank you Kylie Minogue for this term! Getting enough sexercise is never a bad thing, and you can do this in multiple ways. For example, no matter if you’re a top or a bottom, doing yoga can increase your flexibility in bed and thus definitely make your partner want sex once again shortly after ejaculation. However, if you are a receiver, make sure to exercise your anus as much as you can to ensure maximum satisfaction. Doing this with sex toys such as the Aneros stimulator or a dildo of the size of your man’s penis will not only increase your satisfaction while masturbating, but you will be more prepared in bed as well.

What that mouth do (part 2)
Now we’re talking about oral sex! Rimming and giving a blowjob is definitely not a taboo topic anymore, and doing this as much as you can is definitely a good way to go. No matter if you’re a 20-, 30- or 40-something gay guy, performing oral sex even if you know that penetration cannot happen is a thing now and it will definitely spice up your sex life. If you’re, let’s say, at a restaurant with friends, take your partner to the toilet and have two to three minutes of happiness there – the sex that will follow after the dinner is going to be groundbreaking. Sex is not only about the actual penetration, it’s everything that comes before, during and after it. And if you want a steady, healthy sexual relationship, your tongue is the key.

As you can see, all of the tips above are rather simple, yet many forget about these. Put your self-confidence on the side, take your time and think about the things you will do this weekend. Maybe we haven’t told you anything you didn’t already know, but we sure did give you several new ideas, right?

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Images by Jarrad Raju 



Brisbears crown Mr Bear Queensland 2017

Saturday night, 21 October 2017 - Brisbears Social club crowned their winner of the annual Mr Bear Queensland competition.

The winner of the title was Alex (pictured) - who hails originally from Italy.

The event rounds out a series of events for the club during their Northern Exposure festival.

alex brisbears

(Photo: Cameron Darling / Facebook)


Hot Aussie Firemen with Aussie animals

The 2018 Australian Firefighters Calendar is here, and it’s pretty much the only reason we’re excited for the new year to begin.

Since 1993, the Land Down Under has been gracing us each fall with a (literally) smoking bounty of rock-hard abs, biceps of steel, and turnout coats, and the latest edition certainly does not disappoint. You have your choice between hot firefighters posing with zoo animals, hot firefighters holding puppies, or just hot firefighters being hot, and – blessed be – they offer international shipping.

The proceeds are going to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, so you could also order all three, you know, for the sake of the children.

Take it all in for yourself below, though you might want to keep a cold, damp towel nearby, in case of… Smoke inhalation.

More info: Australian Firefighters Calendar


Matty brings the hotty hot hot hot to Brisbane

We have been obsessing over Matt's pics for a while now and his cheeky sense of humour and body-ody-ody realness shines through in all his social media shots... it makes us want to head to Brisbane and train with him one on one at his gym :) 

This guy is a treat on the eyes and a real Aussie bloke - so we hope you enjoy!


h/t the fabulous 


We say hello to Ginger Eddie

We first met Eddie at last years Mardi Gras in Sydney and boy were we impressed. A total sweetheart and happy to chat with fans, friends, admirers and yes, even us. We then saw him strut the runway at the Marco Marco fashion show this year and were blown away by his presence.

So we decided to delve into the depths of Eddie's photo history and share some of our favourite shots with you.


Thor-geous Chris Hemsworth bangs his hammer about not being in the latest Avengers Movie

chrisarmsHe wondered if this is just the "kids" scrapping about while the "adults" sit on the sidelines in silence. Hemsworth than worried whether he’s not worthy of being involved, but that was quickly disproved when he "called" his hammer Mjolnir to his hand. His confidence renewed, he declared the rest of us Midgardians "pathetic" and "flew" off, complete with whooshing sound.

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