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2010 - the highs and lows.

ok, so on the blog front I have personally been a little quiet - but its been such a crazy end of year - do you blame me?


so many things have been happening - from the new Video News Bulletins, the new social network on the site - not to mention the billion other projects i have been working on!


This past year i have had so much to be thankful for - for many personal goals achieved, to the shear fact that you guys pay attention, get involved and support this site and the other stuff i do. For that, i am eternally grateful.


2010 has been a mixed year for me - lots of highs and some big lows... the begining of the year was a big recovery period for me -- some of you may or may not know that i got the crap beaten out of me by a group of thugs at darling harbour... the police, the DH authority, and no one was of real help... it sucks that over a year later, and i am still waiting on a hospital appointment to get my right ear fixed.


Not only did i suffer multiple fractures in my skull, double vision, i lost hearing in my right ear and have been going through a horrible and long recovery... so its just been one weird roller-coaster ride.


I have been privallidged to be witness to many of our communities great moments, and also some of its worst.


The struggle for LGBTI marriage rights has been one that engaged me, upset me, rallied me, dissappointed me, it was up down, up down.


The position of our key community organisations saw major backlash, downfalls and even a few successes. I saw some great people in our community join the New Mardi Gras board - i also met (for the first time) some legendary people involved with NMG and other places that opened my eyes to the humanity of our community.


Alot of what goes on is done by volunteeers... so please be aware beofore slamming these folk for "not doing it properly" - my opinion is, if you have an issue - pick your own ass up and put your hand up and help out!


Some organisations profit on our community, some do their job, some dont. Some just try to stay around to stay around - wether they do their job or not. Its been interesting to see who really is there for the community and who is in it for themselves. One group of people I have had the pleasure of working with are the Queer Out West Radio crew... they really believe in community, they are fabulous, outrageous, scandalous and honest. I am proud to now be a part of the team each month.


It was an interesting year all around. I appeared on the Tony Awards Red Carpet - which was a personal thrill, and we also showed up on the new hit show "A:List New York" with my mate, celebrity photographer, Mike Ruiz...


The best thing for me was that I managed to hang on to my husband (to be, thanks Aussie Govt!) for another year. We celebrated 9 years together, and personally I dont know how he puts up with me - he is either totally insane, or well, totally insane. But I love him, and could never see myself without him in my life - so for that fact alone, no matter what 2010 brought... I am incredibly lucky just for that.


I am also lucky for my friends - those of whom I talk to regularly, and those that I poke through facebook.


Thankyou for caring about what's written on this website... what you hear and what you see. I am sooo proud about the progress of our site - our community and our position in the GLOBAL community. This bugger of a site has been going since 1997... and I am glad that every year that ticks over, I am more engaged and more driven to keep it all going.


Bring on 2011, and I hope you will be a huge part of it.

Lots of love


(the piccie is of me and my new beard, working with Josh Groban during the Carols in the Domain period.)

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