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Chrissie Swan Returns to TV on new series of Can Of Worms.

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Chrissie Swan 

One of our favourite TV Personalities is back, taking over from Ian Dicko Dickson, as the new moderator and host of the controversial panel style chat show, Can Of Worms.

Can of Worms makes its return to the airwaves, on Australia's Network Ten, Monday 20th August at 8:30pm. Each week, new host Chrissie Swan will be joined by three celebrity guests, a studio audience and  Australians from all walks of life to find out what we really think about some very curly moral questions. 'Should organ donation be compulsory?' 'Is 13 too young to be a model?' 'Would you date an unhappily married person?' No topic is off limits and fence sitters are strictly forbidden as Australia debates and deliberates.

We can't wait to see what she does with the top spot.

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