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OMG Don't You Know WHO I AM ??

So Mardi Gras has come and gone…  after 16 times marching in the parade, I made the decision, after well-made plans backfired on me (and being the lazy old Queen I am) to finally front up to the parade and party as… you guessed it – a boy!

I decided for the second time in 23 years of being a drag queen that enough was enough. Was I scared? You bet. But boy was I mistaken – I had an absolute blast! I went to the VIP “Parade Sideshow” at Taylor Square and the party with my good mate Eliza Downe.

We took in the sights and the sounds of the Parade on a night that didn’t have any rain, but sooo much glitter I felt like I wore a dress and a wig anyway!

The party was amazing – two of western sydney drag queens Lola Del Arte & Danger Del'Ray joining 50 other queens in 'Drag' with signing sensation CONCHITA WURST & COURTNEY ACT at 1:30am, and Superstar DEBORAHA COX at 3am … it was a party like none other for me. So many happy faces, so many positive voices, it was so much fun. Sadly by 4.00am I crawled out of the party to make my way home like an old mole, but I am 24 which is old for a drag queen. (ha-ha!)

Over 10,000 performers took part in the parade to help celebrate the 38 years of Mardi Gras..the best night ever at a MG party... I hope you all had a blast too!

This month I celebrate 24 years of doing drag, meaning I'm “technically” 49 years young! OMG it's my birthday one more year till the big five 0 ''YUCK''

Oh how time flies! In this time I've seen so many venues come and go, we've lost many in Western Sydney as well as the City. Even knowing what goes into a social night – I couldn’t imagine running a full time venue – but many have tried and I congratulate them. Our increasing patronage at the HEAVEN SOCIAL DANCE in Western Sydney means we made the right decision to reduce the frequency of the events to make them even more special for y’all. Heaven is in the process of developing the NEW production show. This brings a great show cast together to entertain you – with the shows kicking off at the NBC Sporty Club. With Eliza Downe, Coco Foxx, Electra Kute & Fifi Fo'Fum this will be our new production show 'DRAG-EU-VISION' 2 shows only + the local girls in PopUp Drag and the incredible DJ Shaft

On Saturday 19th March & 21st May at The NBC Sporty Club from 7:30pm-12:30am $10 Entry before 10pm & Shows @ 10pm and 11pm – it’s a big night and you will love it! If you want to take part in our pop-up drag section at 10pm show – please register with me, before March 18 So you can be up for cash prizes! For more information go to our website 

it’s Easter time… (you would have been mistaken as Easter started in January at Coles! Lol) but it really is time to welcome the Easter Bunny… AFTER EASTER !! We see the returning of THE MARDI GRAS FILM FESTIVAL at Riverside Parramatta Theatre , The best of the MG Film festival over one weekend starting on Friday 1st April till Sunday 3rd April So get your tickets early or you'll miss out :

And not to forget we can look forward to a NEW alternative social night in western sydney PALMS WEST SOCIAL DANCE at the Coolibah Hotel , Sherwood Rd , Merrylands with Dj Glenn From 7pm - 11:30pm, Entry $10 on the 16th April 2016, There is something for everyone and you can dance the night away upstairs or karaoke downstairs how FAB

A Quick NOTE : The best drag queens come together at the Campbelltown RSL on the 7th May  for the Drag 2 Bitches spectacular so get in early because this one sells out every time. It's at campbelltown RSL. The WINNERS of the 2014 ACE AWARD for production show of the year and recently nominated again this year for the same award good luck girls with everybody's favourite Laydee Kinmee, Marilyn Mootrub, Ophelia Shaft just to name a few   

Which Western Sydney drag queen is trying to break the world record for putting her hands down boys pants at the Mardi Gras Party??? Mmmmm

It only takes a few drinks I believe and she's a totally different person. I know what I'll be buying her for her birthday - some antiseptic wipes for those hands. LOL! 

 Until next time (13th April) Stay gorgeous! luv Buttercup xxx  

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