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A Fresh START!!

A brand new year and a brand new me! Wow! Hasn't it started with a bang!

By now most people will know that we have reduced the amount of social dances from 12 per year to 6 per year running one every second month at The NBC Sports Club. Heaven Social Dance has started back with a BANG on Saturday night (9th January) With a record crowd, Heaven was looking for some new talent to perform in the NEW show cast at heaven and give Western Sydney queens a place to perform. Heaven presented "The Drag Factor " on Saturday night. We had 9 people who auditioned  for the cash prizes and paid gigs for the two finalists and the winners will join two Western Sydney most fabulous queens , Melicious Dámage & Eliza Downe and the two finalists/winners are (1) Coco Foxx (2) Ellectra Kute & (3) Fifi Fo'Fum. NEW production show starts on 19th March Website    www.heavensocialdance.com

With so many things popping up in Western Sydney, A NEW social dance is starting up on 6th February at Merrylands , PALMS WEST SOCIAL DANCE is a Bi-Monthly social Dance that will be held at The Coolibah Hotel Function Room. The dance is for everyone and supports the LGBTI community by making a donation from the door entry of $10 to MindOUT which is The National LGBTI Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Project. Their aim is to accept everyone equally without judgment....

And I have discovered Portia Turbo has stormed Western Sydney with www.turbotrivia.com.au  nights across Western Sydney with our very own singing sensation LayDee KinMee taking on the role as hostess every Tuesday night at the Penrith Hotel , High Street Penrith from 7 pm also on at the Parramatta RSL on Tuesday night with Portia , & Wednesdays at the Triglav , Brisbane Rd, St  John's Park With LayDee and  The King Park Tavern/Blacktown, Thursday night from 7 pm with Portia ... OMG, and Naughty Numbers '' BINGO with a Twist"  At Mounties , Meadows Rd , Mt Prichard from 7pm With LayDee. Portia has also covered Sunday night at Austral Bowling Club from 6 pm.  Who said there is nothing to do in Western Sydney - there is heaps to do. all in a gay friendly environment .

Many changes will take place,  This year may see heaven social dance end or relocate to a new venue in 2017. It all depends on attendance, with new events popping up and with Ian & myself  working every Saturday it is just not practical to go from work all day to a venue to run a social night that people do not really support! BUT on a good note since running the social dance's in western Sydney we've been able to raise over $25,000 to give back to the gay community (Acon & The Haven ) which is a great achievement from a social dance prospective .. Thank You Everyone : Ian, Gracie & Beverly xxx

Thank goodness to all the PA's that I've gone through the last few years with running the 2 social dance & Queer Out West 89.3fm , couldn't have done it without you. So eyes out online 15th February for my next instalment which will include all the Fair Day  gossip . Will I or will I not do drag is the big question. Can you believe in just over 5 weeks Mardi Gras will be launched at Fair Day on Sunday 21st February. How time flies. And on a last note the Queer Out West 89.3fm celebrated 14 years on air in December... OMFG 2016 is looking to a big one. We welcome back to the studio : Dizzy , LayDee KinMee, Nikki Facchin, Fifi Fo'Fum & T.B.C ??? And Regular contributions by Maxi Shield, Jeremy Smith, Rob from Guide To Gay, Mardi Gras & Acon..  Also remember that we are now On Demand/Podcast as well as listen live! ''Your Show''  Queer Out West 89.3fm,'' At Your Time''  Go and have a look at our official website and become a member of our forum and add your own community events or feedback. www.queeroutwest.com

Drag Gossip:  K is for Karma what goes around comes around, remember that Girls and Boys not mentioning any names  it has happened to all of us in the past. I could also say people in Glass Houses shouldn't  throw stones.  Being a bully and a hypocrite does not make you popular.. Which western sydney drag queens boyfriend got up on stage during her audition at Drag Factor and grab the microphone and sung live 'MAYBE' he might be the next up-coming drag /performer or singer lol .. Maybe when you come to perform or audition you should bring your music on a device that plays just saying !!

Until next time gorgeous! Luv BB    www.beverlybuttercup.com    So for now I leave you with my resolutions - what's yours?

1. Discover the difference between work colleagues and real friends.

2. Do whatever makes me happy, And be with whoever makes me smile.

3. Spend more time with my son before we kill each other lol.


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